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Canadian Aerospace Industry Future Outlook

December 2010 | 50 pages | ID: C4FC3D19833EN
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Canada has been at the forefront of the global aerospace industry growth during the past few years. The market experienced one of the world’s fastest growths and positioned itself as the 5th largest aerospace market globally. Canadian expertise on aircraft (both civil and military) manufacturing has been globally acclaimed and its MRO industry is on its way to become a hot spot for global aerospace majors.

According to our new research report, “Canadian Aerospace Industry Future Outlook”, Canada with its CAD 22.1 Billion aerospace industry ranked 5th globally in 2009. The economic slowdown has had a negative impact on the industry’s growth in 2009 with aircraft and parts orders cancellation from the US and the EU markets. In the continual of sluggish demand and reduced air traffic scenario, the situation remained subdued even in 2010 and the industry posted year on year negative growth results. However, a slow but steady market rebound is anticipated in early 2011 on the back of increasing defense spending and recovery in major exports market like the US, France, and Middle East.

Further, even in the wake of economic slowdown, MRO sub-sector has not felt the impact as much as aircraft manufacturing because the maintenance schedule on existing planes is essential and unavoidable. Although, grounding of some fleets slightly slowed the potential growth of this market, the MRO market is set for a glittering future backed by various factors discussed and analyzed in the report.

Our report, “Canadian Aerospace Industry Future Outlook”, is an outcome of extensive research and thorough analysis of the Canadian aerospace market potentials. It provides information/statistics on historical, current, and forecasts for all prominent market segments including, civil and military applications and product category such as, aircrafts and parts, MRO and engine and parts. The report also facilitates brief overview of all important aerospace clusters in Canada and industry developments taking place in them.

Most importantly, the report also provides industry forecast based on correlation of past drivers, challenges, and opportunities for expansion. In this way, the report presents a complete and coherent analysis of Canada aerospace industry, which will prove decisive for clients.


2.1 Falling Air Passenger Traffic - Cause of Concern
2.2 Growing Market for Unmanned Vehicles
2.3 Increasing Defense Spending
2.4 Lower Operating Costs - Sustaining Investment Attractiveness


3.1 Industry Overview
3.2 Industry Segments
  3.2.1 Civil Applications
  3.2.2 Military Applications
3.3 Product Category
  3.3.1 Aircraft, Aircraft Parts & Components
  3.3.2 MRO
  3.3.3 Engines & Engine Parts
3.4 Exports Developments
3.5 Employment Status
3.6 Investments


4.1 Quebec
4.2 Ontario
4.3 Alberta
4.4 Manitoba


5.1 Bombardier
5.2 CAE Inc
5.3 Magellan Aerospace Corporation
5.4 Heroux-Devtek Inc.
5.5 ExelTech Aerospace Inc.


Figure 2-1: Unmanned Vehicles Market (Million US$), 2007, 2009 & 2011
Figure 2-2: Defense Spending (Billion US$), 2008-09 & 2009-10
Figure 2-3: Comparative Annual Operating Expenses of Aerospace Sector by Country
Figure 3-1: Aerospace Industry (Billion CAD), 2008-2013
Figure 3-2: Share in Global Aerospace Industry (2009 & 2013)
Figure 3-3: Aerospace Industry by Civil Applications (Billion CAD), 2008-2013
Figure 3-4: Aerospace Industry by Military Applications (Billion CAD), 2008-2013
Figure 3-5: Aerospace Industry by Product Category (%), 2009
Figure 3-6: Aircraft and Aircraft Parts Market (Billion CAD), 2008-2013
Figure 3-7: MRO Market (Billion CAD), 2008-2013
Figure 3-8: Engines & Engine Parts Market (Billion CAD), 2008-2013
Figure 3-9: Aerospace Industry Exports (Billion CAD), 2008-2010
Figure 3-10: Aerospace Industry Exports by Region (%), 2009
Figure 3-11: Employment in Aerospace Industry (‘000), 2007-2009
Figure 3-12: Aerospace Industry Investments (Billion CAD), 2007-2009
Figure 3-13: Aerospace Industry Investments by Sector (%), 2009
Figure 4-1: Alberta - Aerospace & Defense Industry by Sector (%), 2009
Figure 4-2: Alberta - Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing Exports by Country (%), 2009
Figure 4-3: Manitoba - Aerospace Industry by Sector (%), 2009


Table 2-1: Air Passenger Traffic by Category (Million), 2007-2009
Table 4-1: Quebec - Aerospace Industry Snapshot (2009)
Table 4-2: Quebec - Details of Major Aerospace Companies (2009)
Table 4-3: Quebec - Details of Major MRO Companies
Table 4-4: Ontario - Aerospace Industry Snapshot (2009)
Table 4-5: Alberta - Aerospace & Defense Industry Snapshot (2009)
Table 4-6: Manitoba - Aerospace Industry Snapshot (2009)

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