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Demand-Supply Imbalance in Polysilicon Market

November 2007 | 21 pages | ID: D99339CA2E4EN
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The solar industry is estimated to be consuming more than half of the worldwide polysilicon production. The huge demand from the solar market has created a demand-supply gap in the polysilicon market. This has resulted in spiraling prices of polysilicon and solar cell manufacturers are in a hurry to enter long-term contracts for polysilicon supply so as to hedge against the rising polysilicon prices.

The worldwide polysilicon market is dominated by seven major producers. Most of these major producers have announced massive expansion plans for the next 3-4 years. The combined capacity of the seven major producers is expected to double by 2010. Hemlock is the largest polysilicon producer, followed by Wacker and Renewable Energy Corp.

The report is aimed at providing a basic understanding of the worldwide polysilicon market. It analyzes the demand-supply gap, pricing trends and production value chain. Apart from providing a competitive landscape of the market, the report also profiles the major polysilicon producers, with a discussion of their key business strategies and significant developments.


1.1 Raw Material
1.2 Upstream
1.3 Downstream
1.4 End-markets


2.1 Demand-Supply Gap
  2.1.1 Polysilicon Demand
  2.1.2 Market Dynamics
2.2 Pricing Trend
  2.2.1 Historical & Current Prices
2.3 Solar Industry Driving Growth
  2.3.1 Solar Industry Growth/ Silicon Demand
  2.3.2 Demand Breakup


3.1 Major Producers of Polysilicon – Production Capacity
3.2 Major Producers of Polysilicon – Market Share


4.1 Hemlock
  4.1.1 Overview
  4.1.2 Significant Developments
4.2 Wacker
  4.2.1 Overview
  4.2.2 Financial Overview
  4.2.3 Business Strategies
  4.2.4 Sales focused on long-term contracts
  4.2.5 Aggressive capacity expansion
  4.2.6 Innovative Process
4.3 REC
  4.3.1 Overview
  4.3.2 Financial Overview
  4.3.3 Significant Developments
4.4 Tokuyama
  4.4.1 Overview
  4.4.2 Financial Overview
  4.4.3 Significant Developments
4.5 MEMC
  4.5.1 Overview
  4.5.2 Financial Overview
  4.5.3 Business Strategies
  4.5.4 New Management Drives Efficiency
  4.5.5 Diversified Customer Base


Polysilicon Market (2003-10E)
Planned Capacities of Major Producers of Polysilicon (2005-10E)
REC - Revenue by Business Segments (2004-06)
Tokuyama - Revenue by Business Segments (2005-07)
MEMC - Revenue by Geographic Segments (2004-06)


Polysilicon Production Chain
Worldwide Polysilicon Market Size (2003-06)
Polysilicon Demand – PV/Semiconductor (2005-12E)
Polysilicon Prices (2005-07)
Solar Industry Growth Vs Silicon Demand (2005-10E)
Polysilicon Demand – Breakdown by End-markets (2006)
Production Capacity of Major Producers of Polysilicon (2006)
Market Share of Major Producers of Polysilicon (2006)
Wacker - Product-wise Sales of Polysilicon Division (2006)
Wacker - Breakdown of Polysilicon End-markets (2006)

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