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China Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment Industry Report, 2008

June 2008 | 52 pages | ID: C4AD2535B59EN

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Power industry is the mainstay of the national economy. The scale of China's grid construction has been expanding continuously.

Driven by power grid construction, China's power transmission & distribution equipment industry is developing rapidly and its market size and sales revenue are both increasing continuously. As for power transmission & distribution sub-industries, the growth rate of revenue and profit in the sub-industries both remained above 30% in 2007.

According to the characteristics of power construction, power plants should be built in advance of power grid. In the Tenth Five-Year Plan period (2001-2005), China's investment in power industry focused on the construction of power plants, while China is to focus its investment on the construction of power grid during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010). The ratio of power transmission & distribution assets to power generation assets is 6:4 in the developed countries, but the ratio in China is still smaller than 4:6. China will increase its investment in the power transmission & distribution field to raise the proportion of power grid assets in the future. The power transmission & distribution industry will keep a momentum of steady growth.


1.1 Macro Analysis of China's Power Industry
1.2 China's Grid Construction
  1.2.1 China's Grid Size
  1.2.2 Introduction of China's Key Grid Companies State Grid Corporation of China China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.


2.1 Overview of China's Power Transmission & Distribution Industry
  2.1.1 Power Transmission Equipment
  2.1.2 Power Transformation Equipment
  2.1.3 Power Distribution Equipment
  2.1.4 Electric Power Automation Equipment
2.2 Wire and Cable
  2.2.1 Cable Market Size
  2.2.2 Competition in Cable Sector
2.3 Transformer
  2.3.1 Transformer Market Size
  2.3.2 Competition in Transformer Sector
2.4 Switch Equipment
  2.4.1 Market Size of Switch Equipment
  2.4.2 Competition in Switch Equipment Sector
2.5 Power Capacitor
  2.5.1 Power Capacitor Market Size
  2.5.2 Competition in Power Capacitor Sector
2.6 Electric Power Automation Equipment
  2.6.1 Market Size of Electric Power Automation Equipment
  2.6.2 Competition in Electric Power Automation Equipment Sector


3.1 Forecast of China's Power Transmission & Distribution Industry Development
  3.1.1 Forecast of China's Development of Power Construction
  3.1.2 Overall Forecast of China's Power Transmission & Distribution Industry
3.2 Forecast of Sub-industries' Development
  3.2.1 Wire and Cable
  3.2.2 Transformer
  3.2.3 Switch Equipment
  3.2.3 Power Capacitor
  3.2.4 Electric Power Automation Equipment


4.1 Key Wire and Cable Producers
  4.1.1 Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd.
  4.1.2 Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group
  4.1.3 Jiangsu Baosheng Group
4.2 Key Transformer Producers
  4.2.1 Xi'an XD Transformer Co., Ltd.
  4.2.2 Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd.
  4.2.3 Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co., Ltd.
4.3 Key Switchgear Producers
  4.3.1 New Northeast Electric (Shenyang) High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd.
  4.3.2 Xi'an Xikai High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd.
  4.3.3 Pinggao Group Co., Ltd.
4.4 Key Power Capacitor Producers
  4.4.1 Xi'an XD Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
  4.4.2 Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
  4.4.3 New Northeast Electric (Jinzhou) Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
4.5 Key Electric Power Automation Companies
  4.5.1 NARI Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  4.5.2 Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd.


Structure of Power Industrial System
Total Output Value of China's Power Industry, 1985-2006
Layout of National Grid Distribution
Investment in Grid, 2004-2007
Market Structure of Distribution Network
Scale of Power Transmission of Two Big Grid Companies, 2007
Staff Structure of SGCC
Main Business Revenue and Net Profit of SGCC, 2004-2007
Power Companies of SGCC
Business Revenue of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., 2004-2007
Sales Revenue of Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment Sub-industries, 2007
YOY Growth of Revenue and Profit of Sub-industries, Jan.-Aug. 2007 (%)
Distribution of China Top 100 Companies in Electric Industry, 2007
Sales of Wire and Cable Manufacturing Sector, 2005-2007
Growth Rates of Sales Revenue in Wire and Cable Sector, 2001-2007
Operation of Transformer, Rectifier and Inductor Manufacturing Sector, 2005-2007
Operation of Switch Control Equipment Manufacturing Sector, 2005-2007
Market Demand for Electric Power Automation Products in 2001-2005
Sales Revenue of Wire and Cable Sector, 2001-2006
Power Cable Output, 2004-2007
Sales Revenue and Profit of Wire and Cable Sector, 2004-2006
China Top Ten Wire and Cable Producers in2006
China's Transformer Output, 2001-2007
Financial Statements of Power Capacitor Sector, 2002-2006
Quantity Ratio of Transformers with Different Voltage Classes (above 110KV), 1995-2005
Capacity Ratio of Transformers with Different Voltage Classes (above 110KV), 1995-2005
Market Shares of 500KV Transformer in 2007
China Top Ten Transformer Companies in 2006
Revenue and Profit of High-voltage Switch Equipment Sector, 2003-2005
Market Shares of 500KV Isolating Switches in 2007
Market Shares of 220KV Isolating Switches in 2007
Regional Distribution of China's High-voltage Switch Companies in 2007
Market Shares of Different Types of Power Capacitors, 2004-2020
Market Size of China's Electric Power Automation and Relay Protection Sector, 2005-2007

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