Analyzing the Global Coal Industry

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Analyzing the Global Coal Industry
Coal is a fossil fuel formed in ecosystems where plant remains were saved by water and mud from oxidization and biodegradation. Coal is a readily combustible black or brownish-black rock. It is a sedimentary rock, but the harder forms, such as anthracite coal, can be regarded as metamorphic rocks because of later exposure to elevated temperature and pressure. It is composed primarily of carbon along with assorted other elements, including sulfur.

Coal consumption is projected to grow at about 2.5% per year over the next 20 years.

Aruvian’s R’search presents an analysis of the global coal industry in its research offering “Analyzing the Global Coal Industry”. The Aruvian’s research report takes a look at the market, analyzing market statistics based on production and consumption statistics that are further broken down by types of coal such as hard coal, brown coal, metallurgical coal, and thermal coal. Impact of the recession on major coal players and in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and the US is analyzed in depth.

Consolidation in the global coal industry is also analyzed and a section is dedicated to understanding coal mining and the hazards associated with it. We also take a look at understanding coal-based electricity generation through pulverized coal combustion.

We also analyze coal’s role in the global energy markets, and how coal is directly associated with energy security of a country. The report also analyzes the global coal trade scenario, looking at indexes, trade routes, benefits of trading, and much more.

The relation between steel markets and the coal industry is also touched upon. The role of shipping and freight rates and their impact of coal trade is further analyzed, along with a look at ocean freight rates. The global traded futures coal market is analyzed keeping in mind the challenge of the Asia Pacific market.

Investment in the global coal industry is analyzed on a country-wise scenario, as well as a global basis. Countries for which investment scenario is analyzed include Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Further to this, the regulatory framework impacting the global coal industry is also analyzed in Aruvians’ report – Analyzing the Global Coal Industry. Regulations in Australia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US are looked upon.

Clean coal technologies such as underground coal gasification, coal washing, advanced pollution control, CO2 Capture and Separation processes, and carbon sequestration from CO2 storage is analyzed in the section dealing with clean coal technologies.

Any research on the coal industry is incomplete without taking a look at coal’s environmental legacy – we analyze this in the report and also look at the Kyoto Protocol, environmental legislations in the European Union, in China, Japan, India, and the US, and the impact these legislations are having on the coal industry of these countries.

A country-wise analysis is undertaken in this report. Countries analyzed include: Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Venezuela, and Vietnam. An analysis of around 300 major coal mines of the world sets apart Aruvians’ offering from others. 25 major coal mines of the world such as the Cardinal River coal mine, Elkview coal mine, Mt. Arthur coal mine, and many others are also analyzed in the framework of this research report.

We conclude with an analysis of the 50 leading industry players in the global coal industry. A section following this analyzes some of these major industry players in the SWOT Framework.



B.1 Coal Basics
B.2 Coal as a Fuel – Historical Perspective
B.3 Composition of Coal
B.4 Types of Coal
  B.4.1 Anthracite
  B.4.2 Lignite
  B.4.3 Bituminous
  B.4.4 Sub-Bituminous
B.5 Coal Fuel - The Environmental Fallout
B.6 Coal Burn Residue Management



D.1 Overview
D.2 Coal Mining History
D.3 Coal Extraction Methods
  D.3.1 Surface Mining
    D.3.1.1 Area Mining
  D.3.3 Contour Strip Mining
  D.3.4 Mountaintop Coal Removal Mining
  D.3.5 Underground Mining
    D.3.5.1 Longwall Mining
    D.3.5.2 Continuous Mining
    D.3.5.3 Blast Mining
    D.3.5.4 Shortwall Mining
    D.3.5.5 Retreat Mining
D.4 Coal Mining in Today’s World
D.5 Preparing Coal for Use
D.6 Transportation of Coal: From Mines to Markets
D.7 Ensuring Safety in Coal Mines


E.1 Coal in Global Energy Markets
E.2 Energy Security and Coal
E.3 Global Coal Production Statistics & Coal Reserves
  E.3.1 Production Statistics for Hard Coal
  E.3.2 Production Statistics for Brown Coal
E.4 Global Coal Consumption Statistics
  E.4.1 Global Hard Coal Consumption Statistics
  E.4.2 Global Brown Coal Consumption Statistics
  E.4.3 Global Thermal Coal Consumption Statistics
  E.4.4 Global Metallurgical Coal Consumption Statistics
E.5 Impact of the Recession on Major Coal Players
  E.5.1 Developments in Australia
  E.5.2 Developments in Canada
  E.5.3 Developments in Germany
  E.5.4 Developments in Russia
  E.5.5 Developments in South Africa
  E.5.6 Developments in Turkey
  E.5.7 Developments in the US


F.1 Overview
F.2 Pulverized Coal Combustion Power Generation
  F.2.1 Subcritical Operation
  F.2.2 Supercritical and Ultra-Supercritical Operation
  F.2.3 Fluid-Bed Combustion


G.1 Historical Background
G.2 Structure of Global Coal Trade
G.3 Benefits of Coal Trading
G.4 Geographical Divisions
G.5 Fluctuations in Prices
G.6 Role of OTC Brokers
G.7 Standardized Contracts
G.8 Different Trading Instruments
G.9 Evolution of a Single Global Coal Market
G.10 Regional Markets and Trends in Coal Trading
G.11 Freight Market Statistics
G.12 Trade Statistics
G.13 Global Coal Trade Market Price
G.14 Relation between Steel and Coal
G.15 Role of Shipping & Freight Rates in Coal Trade
G.16 Freight and How it Impacts Coal Prices
G.17 Ocean Freight Rates
G.18 Price Indexes


H.1 Overview
H.2 Challenge of the Asia-Pacific Market


I.1 Overview
I.2 Investment Snapshot - Australia
I.3 Investment Snapshot - Canada
I.4 Investment Snapshot – Germany
I.5 Investment Snapshot – South Africa
I.6 Investment Snapshot – United Kingdom
I.7 Investment Snapshot – United States of America


J.1 Australia
  J.1.1 National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS)
  J.1.2 Renewable Energy Target (RET)
  J.1.3 Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS)
  J.1.4 National Low Emission Coal Council & Carbon Storage Taskforce
J.2 Germany
J.3 Japan
J.4 New Zealand
J.5 Poland
  J.5.1 Enhancement of Energy Effectiveness
  J.5.2 Restricting Impact of the Energy Industry on the Environment
  J.5.3 Increased Security of Energy Supplies
  J.5.4 Increased Usage of Renewable Energy Supplies
  J.5.5 Developing Markets for Fuels and Energy
  J.5.6 Developing the Hard Coal Mining Industry
J.6 Russia
J.7 South Africa
  J.7.1 South African Coal Roadmap
  J.7.2 Energy Efficiency Strategy
  J.7.3 Long–Term Mitigation Scenario (LTMS) Process
  J.7.4 Tax on Non-Renewable Electricity Generation
J.8 Spain
J.9 United Kingdom
J.10 United States
  J.10.1 American Clean Energy and Security Act (Waxman – Markey Bill)
  J.10.2 Emissions Trading


K.1 Understanding Clean Coal
K.2 Clean Coal Technologies (CCT)
K.3 Carbon Abatement Technologies
  K.3.1 Improvement in Combustion Efficiencies
  K.3.2 Co-firing with CO2 Neutral Biomass Fuels
  K.3.3 Carbon Capture and Storage or Carbon Sequestration (CCS)
K.4 Analysis of the Clean Coal Technology
K.5 New Coal Extraction Technology
  K.5.1 Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)
  K.5.2 Coal Washing
  K.5.3 Advancing Pollution Control
  K.5.4 Advanced Power Generation
    K.5.4.1 Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion
    K.5.4.2 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Units
    K.5.4.3 Pulverized Coal Combustion (PCC)
K.6 CO2 Capture & Separation Processes
  K.6.1 Carbon Sequestration from CO2 Storage
K.7 Economics & R&D Incentive to Clean Coal
K.8 Recent Developments
  K.8.1 Australia
  K.8.2 Canada
  K.8.3 European Union
  K.8.4 Japan
  K.8.5 South Africa
  K.8.6 United States of America


L.1 Overview
L.2 The Kyoto Protocol
L.3 Environmental Legislation in China
L.4 Environmental Legislation in the European Union
  L.4.1 Large Combustion Plant Directive
  L.4.2 Emissions Trading Directive
L.5 Environmental Legislation in India
L.6 Environmental Legislation in Japan
L.7 Environmental Legislation in the United States
L.7.1 Clean Air Act and Amendments


M.1 Australia
M.2 Canada
M.3 China
M.4 Colombia
M.5 Greece
M.6 India
M.7 Indonesia
M.8 Poland
M.9 Russia
M.10 South Africa
M.11 South Korea
M.12 Ukraine
M.13 United Kingdom
M.14 United States of America
M.15 Venezuela
M.16 Vietnam


N.1 A. B. Brown Generating Station
N.2 Aberthaw Power Station
N.3 AES Hawaii Power Plant
N.4 Agios Dimitrios Power Station
N.5 Alma Generating Station
N.6 Altbach Power Station
N.7 Amercentrale
N.8 Anpara Thermal Power Station
N.9 Arad Power Station
N.10 Arnot Power Station
N.11 Atikokan Generating Station
N.12 Avedøre Power Station
N.13 Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station
N.14 Barking Power Station
N.15 Battle River Generating Station
N.16 Bayswater Power Station
N.17 Beckjord Power Station
N.18 Beesley's Point Generating Station
N.19 Bełchatów Power Station
N.20 Belews Creek Power Station
N.21 Belle River Power Plant
N.22 Bend Power Station
N.23 Bergkamen Power Station
N.24 Beryozovskaya GRES
N.25 Bexbach Power Station
N.26 Blount Generating Station
N.27 Bobov Dol Power Plant
N.28 Bold Power Station
N.29 Boundary Dam Power Station
N.30 Bowen Power Station
N.31 Boxberg Power Station
N.32 Brăila Power Station
N.33 Brandon Generating Station
N.34 Brandon Shores Generating Station
N.35 Brunner Island Steam Electric Station
N.36 Bucharest West Power Station
N.37 Buck Steam Station
N.38 Bull Run Fossil Plant
N.39 Burshtyn TES
N.40 Buschhaus Power Station
N.41 Callide Power Station
N.42 Camden Power Station
N.43 Capitol Power Plant
N.44 Central Heating Plant
N.45 Centralia Power Plant
N.46 Chadderton Power Station
N.47 Chalk Point Generating Station
N.48 Charles P. Crane Generating Station
N.49 Chvaletice Power Station
N.50 Cirebon Steam Power Plant
N.51 Coal Creek Station
N.52 Cockenzie Power Station
N.53 Collie Power Station
N.54 Collinsville Power Station
N.55 Conemaugh Generating Station
N.56 Connah's Quay Power Station
N.57 Cottam Power Station
N.58 Crystal River Energy Complex
N.59 Cumberland Power Plant
N.60 Dan River Steam Station
N.61 Danskammer Generating Station
N.62 Darlington Power Station
N.63 Dickerson Generating Station
N.64 Didcot Power Station
N.65 Drax Power Station
N.66 Dürnrohr Power Station
N.67 Duvha Power Station
N.68 E. J. Stoneman Generating Station
N.69 Eaton Electric Generating Plant
N.70 Edgewater Generating Station
N.71 Edwardsport Power Station
N.72 Eggborough Power Station
N.73 Ekibastuz GRES-1
N.74 Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Station
N.75 Endesa Termic
N.76 Energy Brix Power Station
N.77 Eraring Power Station
N.78 Eston Grange Power Station
N.79 Fayette Power Project
N.80 Ferrybridge Power Station
N.81 Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
N.82 Fier Power Plant
N.83 Fisk Generating Station
N.84 Frank E. Ratts Generating Station
N.85 Frimmersdorf Power Station
N.86 G. G. Allen Steam Station
N.87 Genesee Generating Station
N.88 Gerald Gentleman Station
N.89 Gibson Generating Station
N.90 Gladstone Power Station
N.91 Great Yarmouth Power Station
N.92 Greenwich Power Station
N.93 Grootvlei Power Station
N.94 Großkrotzenburg Power Station
N.95 Guodian Beilun Power Station
N.96 Gustav Knepper Power Station
N.97 H. R. Milner Generating Station
N.98 Hal B. Wansley Power Plant
N.99 Hanasaari Power Plant
N.100 Harding Street Generating Station
N.101 Harduaganj Thermal Power Station
N.102 Harllee Branch Power Plant
N.103 Harrison Power Station
N.104 Hatfield Colliery
N.105 Hazelwood Power Station
N.106 Healy Clean Coal Project
N.107 Hearn Generating Station
N.108 Heilbronn Power Station
N.109 Hendrina Power Station
N.110 Herbert A. Wagner Generating Station
N.112 Herne Power Plant
N.113 Heyden Power Station
N.114 HKW Chemnitz-Nord
N.115 Homer City Generating Station
N.116 Huaneng Yingkou Power Station
N.117 Hudson Generating Station
N.118 Huntly Power Station
N.119 Hwange Thermal Power Station
N.120 Ironbridge Power Station
N.121 J. Robert Welsh Power Plant
N.122 James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant
N.123 Jänschwalde Power Station
N.124 Jaworzno Power Station
N.125 JEA Northside Generating Station
N.126 Jeffrey Energy Center
N.127 John E. Amos Power Plant
N.128 Kakanj Power Plant
N.129 Kashira Power Plant
N.130 Keadby Power Station
N.131 Kearsley Power Station
N.132 Kedzierzyn Zero-Emission Plant
N.133 Keephills Generating Station
N.134 Kelvin Power Station
N.135 Kendal Power Station
N.136 Keystone Generating Station
N.137 Kilroot Power Station
N.138 Kincardine Power Station
N.139 Kingsnorth Power Station
N.140 Kingston Fossil Plant
N.141 Kintigh Generating Station
N.142 Kirishskaya GRES-1
N.143 Kogan Creek Power Station
N.144 Komati Power Station
N.145 Koradi Thermal Power Station
N.146 Kozienice Power Station
N.147 Kraftwerke Greifswald
N.148 Kriel Power Station
N.149 Kuchurgan Power Station
N.150 Kurakhovskaya TES
N.151 Kwinana Power Station
N.152 Lakeview Generating Station
N.153 Lambton Generating Station
N.154 Lethabo Power Station
N.155 Liddell Power Station
N.156 Lingan Generating Station
N.157 Lippendorf Power Station
N.158 Little Barford Power Station
N.159 Longannet Power Station
N.160 Loy Yang Power Station
N.161 Lünen Power Station
N.162 Luhanskaya GRES
N.163 Lynemouth Power Station
N.164 Majuba Power Station
N.165 Maritsa 3 Power Plant
N.166 Marl-Chemiepark Power Station
N.167 Marshall Steam Station
N.168 Matimba Power Station
N.169 Medupi Power Station
N.170 Megalopoli Power Plant
N.171 Mehrum Power Station
N.172 Merom Generating Station
N.173 Miami Fort Power Station
N.174 Michigan City Generating Station
N.175 Millmerran Power Station
N.176 Mintia-Deva Power Station
N.177 Moneypoint Power Station
N.178 Monroe Power Plant
N.179 Monticello Steam Electric Station
N.180 Morgantown Generating Station
N.181 Morupule Power Station
N.182 Mount Piper Power Station
N.183 Mount Storm Power Station
N.184 Mount Stuart Power Station
N.185 Mountaineer Power Plant
N.186 Muja Power Station
N.187 Munmorah Power Station
N.188 Nanticoke Generating Station
N.189 Navajo Generating Station
N.190 Newport Power Station
N.191 Niederaussem Power Station
N.192 Norocholai Coal Power Station
N.193 North Tees Power Station
N.194 Northern Power Station
N.195 Nováky Power Plant
N.196 NTPC Ramagundam
N.197 Oak Creek Power Plant
N.198 Orba Thermal Power Station
N.199 Orot Rabin
N.200 Panki Thermal Power Station
N.201 Parichha Thermal Power Station
N.202 Paroşeni Power Station
N.203 Perry K. Generating Station
N.204 Petersburg Generating Station
N.205 Pha Lai Power Plant
N.206 Pha Lai II Power Plant
N.207 Piteşti Sud Power Station
N.208 Plant Daniel
N.209 Plant Scherer
N.210 Playford B Power Station
N.211 Pleasant Prairie Power Plant
N.212 Pleasants Power Station
N.213 Plomin Power Station
N.214 Point Aconi Generating Station
N.215 Point Tupper Generating Station
N.216 Poplar River Power Station
N.217 Portishead Power Station
N.218 Power Plant Bielsko Biala
N.219 Presque Isle Power Plant
N.220 Provence Power Station
N.221 Prunéřov Power Station
N.222 R. Gallagher Generating Station
N.223 Raichur Thermal Power Station
N.224 Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station
N.225 Rauhalahti Power Station
N.226 Redbank Power Station
N.227 Republika Power Plant
N.228 Richmond Power Station
N.229 Rockport Power Plant
N.230 Roosecote Power Station
N.231 Rostock Power Station
N.232 Rovinari Power Station
N.233 Rugeley Power Station
N.234 Ruse Iztok Power Plant
N.235 Rybnik Power Station
N.236 Rye House Power Station
N.237 Sărdăneşti Power Station
N.238 Schkopau Power Station
N.239 Schwarze Pumpe Power Station
N.240 Scholven Power Station
N.241 Southern Kuzbass GRES
N.242 St. Clair Power Plant
N.243 Stanwell Power Station
N.244 State Line Generating Plant
N.245 Sual Power Station
N.246 Suizhong Power Station
N.247 Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Power Station
N.248 Sundance Power Station
N.249 Sendou Power Station
N.250 Shand Power Station
N.251 Sheerness Generating Station
N.252 Sievierodonetsk Power Station
N.253 Sofia Iztok Power Plant
N.254 Syrdarya Power Plant
N.255 Southeast Steam Plant
N.256 Sofia Power Plant
N.257 Swanbank Power Station
N.258 Tarong North Power Station
N.259 Tarong Power Station
N.260 Tuzla Power Plant
N.261 Trenton Generating Station
N.262 Thunder Bay Generating Station
N.263 Tušimice Power Station
N.264 Thar Power Plant
N.265 Turceni Power Station
N.266 TPP Nikola Tesla
N.267 Teruel Power Plant
N.268 Tilbury Power Station
N.269 Tanner's Creek Generating Station
N.270 Trenton Channel Power Plant
N.271 Tutuka Power Station
N.272 Taichung Power Plant
N.273 Uskmouth Power Station
N.274 Vales Point Power Station
N.275 Varna Power Plant
N.276 Valley Power Plant
N.277 Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Station
N.278 Ventanas Power Plant
N.279 Wallerawang Power Station
N.280 Waigaoqiao Power Station
N.281 Walsum Power Plant
N.282 Warszawa-Kawęczyn Power Station
N.283 West Burton Power Station
N.284 Wilton Power Station
N.285 Warrick Power Plant
N.286 Warrior Run Generating Station
N.287 Weston Generating Station
N.288 William H. Zimmer Power Station
N.289 W. H. Sammis Power Plant
N.291 White Bluff Power Plant
N.292 Wedel Power Station
N.293 Yatağan Thermal Power Plant
N.294 Zouxian Power Station


O.1 Belle Ayr Mine
O.2 Black Thunder Coal Mine
O.3 Cardinal River
O.4 Cerrejón
O.5 Coal Mountain
O.6 Cordero Rojo Mine
O.7 Crandall Canyon Mine
O.8 Dry Fork Mine
O.9 Eagle Butte Mine
O.10 Elkview
O.11 Fording River
O.12 Greenhills
O.13 Jacobs Ranch
O.14 Line Creek
O.15 Mt. Arthur
O.16 Mt. Owen
O.17 North Antelope Rochelle
O.18 Pike River
O.19 Powder River Basin
O.20 Raton Basin
O.21 Rawhide Mine
O.22 Ulan
O.23 Western Coal Fields
O.24 Wilberg Mine
O.25 Wyodak Mine


P.1 Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.
P.2 Alpha Natural Resources Inc.
P.3 Anglo American Plc
P.4 Arch Coal, Inc.
P.5 Asia Coal Limited
P.6 Atlantic Coal Plc
P.7 Bharat Coking Coal
P.8 Banpu Public Company Limited
P.9 BHP-Billiton Group
P.10 Black Hills Corporation
P.11 Centennial Coal Company Limited
P.12 China Coal Energy Company Limited
P.13 Coal & Allied Industries Ltd
P.14 ConocoPhillips
P.15 CONSOL Energy Inc
P.16 China National Coal Group Corporation
P.17 China United Coalbed Methane Corporation
P.18 Datong Coal Industry Company Limited
P.19 Donaldson Coal Pty Ltd
P.20 Felix Resources Limited
P.22 Foundation Coal Holdings
P.23 Fushun Mining Group
P.24 Hidili Industry International Development Limited
P.25 Huaibei Coal Mining Group
P.26 Huainan Coal Mining Group
P.27 Kailuan Group
P.28 Macarthur Coal Limited
P.29 Massey Energy Company
P.30 Mongolia Energy Corporation
P.31 Nacco Industries, Inc.
P.32 National Coal Corporation
P.33 New Hope Corporation Ltd
P.34 North American Coal Corporation
P.35 Patriot Coal Corporation
P.36 Peabody Energy Corporation
P.37 Peabody Pacific
P.38 Penn Virginia Resource Partners, L.P.
P.39 Rio Tinto
P.40 Sasol
P.41 Shenhua Group
P.42 Shanxi Coking Coal Group
P.43 Teck Cominco
P.44 UK Coal Plc
P.45 UtahAmerican Energy
P.46 Western Canadian Coal Corporation
P.47 Whitehaven Coal Limited
P.48 Xishan Coal and Electricity Power
P.49 Xstrata Plc
P.50 Yankuang Group
P.51 Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited


Q.1 Anglo American Plc
  Q.1.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.1.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.1.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.1.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.2 Arch Coal
  Q.2.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.2.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.2.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.2.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.3 Black Hill Corporation
  Q.3.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.3.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.3.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.3.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.4 BHP Billiton Group
  Q.4.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.4.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.4.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.4.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.5 ConocoPhillips
  Q.5.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.5.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.5.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.5.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.6 CONSOL Energy Inc
  Q.6.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.6.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.6.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.6.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.7 Peabody Energy Corporation
  Q.7.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.7.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.7.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.7.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.8 Rio Tinto
  Q.8.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.8.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.8.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.8.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.9 Sasol Limited
  Q.9.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.9.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.9.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.9.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.10 Xstrata plc
  Q.10.1 Strengths to Build Upon
  Q.10.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
  Q.10.3 Opportunities to Exploit
  Q.10.4 Threats to Overcome


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