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Company Study of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd, 2007

June 2007 | 17 pages | ID: C0B7A552F96EN

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Urban and inter-city rail traffic is China's investment hotspot during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period. Among over 40 large cities of 1 million or above population in China, 30 more cities have begun the preparation of constructing urban rapid rail or are at early construction stage. About 14 large cities reported the plan of urban rail traffic network, planning to construct 55 rail lines whose accumulated length is 1500 km and accumulated investment is RMB 500 billion.

Presently, 85% shield machines of China rely on import. Products of companies from Germany, France, Japan, etc countries occupy most market shares. The first domestically made shield machine through mass production started operation in Nov 2006. Large-scaled production and sales of shield machines in China began from 2007, enabling the company to step into the phase of actual industrialization.

1 Analysis of overall strategic transformation
1.1 Elaborate management
1.2 Optimize organization structure and operation mode
1.3 Integrate value chain
1.4 Expand strategic layout region
1.5 Dual core mode drives the company to evolve towards composite enterprise

2 Analysis of core competency
2.1 Talent advantage
2.2 Up-to-date core technologies of tunnel engineering field

3 Industrialization of shield machines
3.1 Modern shield machines reflect the integration of comprehensive technologies
3.2 Development analysis of domestically made shield machines
3.3 Broad demand of domestically made shield machines
3.4 Industrialization development of shield machines of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd

4 Development analysis of operating performance
4.1 Monopolize river-crossing tunnel construction of Huangpu River
4.2 Large-scaled expansion of subways
4.3 Investment in transport operation


Selected Charts "Three + one" strategic positioning
Gross profit margin comparison of ground business and under-ground business
Forecast of revenues from ground business and under-ground business
Integration of industrial value chain
Comparison of fixed assets investment and GDP
FAI and composition of its construction installation project
Rail traffic operating mileage of China
Proportion of subway scale by city, 2010
Shield machine and its control system
Sales volume and revenue forecast of shield machines and equipping products of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd
Construction plan of Shanghai Huangpu river tunnel
Forecast of revenue from tunnel business
Shanghai subway plan
Forecast of revenue from subway business
Composition of prime operating profits, 2005
Composition of prime operating profits, 2006
Forecast of prime operating revenue
Subway construction plan of large city
"Pioneer" shield machine R & D overview of National 863 plan
Forecast of China's shield machine market, 2006-2010
Forecast of revenue from Huangpu river-crossing tunnel project
Main investment projects

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