Surrvey of Copper Industry in China

Date: July 23, 2010
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Surrvey of Copper Industry in China
Grain crops are the major crops in China. Grain crops in this report include cereal crops, beans and tubers. Their total planting area accounts for nearly 70% of the domestic total. Grain is always an important good in people's livelihood, and food security is even a major strategic issues related to national economic development, social stability and national independence.

The total output of grain crops has kept increasing for 10 consecutive years from 2004 to 2013. With the development of industrialization and urbanization, increasing population and improving living standards, the rigid demand for grain crops has kept increasing in recent decade. The balance of grain supply and demand in China is tight, and food security faces sever challenges. And this trend will continue in the future.

In this report, the supply and demand situation of grain crops in China is analyzed exhaustively in the following aspects:
  • Overview of the whole supply and demand situation of grain crops in China.
  • Supply and demand of major crops (rice, wheat, corn and soybean), including output, consumption, import and export.
  • Analysis of factors influencing the supply and demand of major grain crops in China.
  • The future trends of supply and demand of grain crops in China.
Executive summary
Methodology and definitions


I-1Supply and demand of copper
I-2 Policies and regulations on copper industry and trade policies


II-1 Futures market of copper
II-2 Spot market of copper
II-3 Copper price trend in 2010-2015


III-1 Copper reserves and distribution
III-2 Copper ore output in 2009


IV-1 Capacity of copper 2009
  IV-1-1 Crude copper
  IV-1-2 Refined Copper
IV-2 Cathode copper output
  IV-2-1 Geographical distribution of cathode copper production
  IV-2-2 Production concentration of electrolytic copper producers
  IV-2-3 Output changes in 2005-2009
IV-3 Introduction to copper producers
  IV-3-1 Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd?
  IV-3-18 Yunnan Copper Group



Table II-3-1 Grade of influencing factors for copper price
Table III-1-1 Copper ore reserves of each province, 2009
Table IV-1-1-1 New capacity of refined copper that will start running in recent years
Table IV-2-1 Geographical distribution of cathode copper, 2009
Table IV-2-2 Output of cathode copper producers, 2009


Figure I-1-1 Consumption of refined copper, 2005~2009
Figure II-1-1 SHFE copper price, 2007~May. 2010
Figure II-2-1 Copper price for spot market, 2007~May. 2010
Figure II-3-1 Output and import volume of refined copper in China, 2005~ Mar. 2010
Figure II-3-2 Correlation of the copper price and USD index, 2009
Figure III-1-1 Copper ore reserves distribution in China, 2009
Figure III-1-2 Newly-found copper ore reserves in China, 2003~2008
Figure III-1-3 Copper ore reserves share in China by province, 2009
Figure III-1-4 Copper ore reserves share in China by deposit type, 2009
Figure III-2-1 Copper ore output (copper content), 2005~2009
Figure III-2-2 Import volume of copper ore (copper content), 2006~2009
Figure III-2-3 Self-sufficiency rate of Chinese copper ore, 2006-2009
Figure IV-1-1-1 Treatment charges, 2005~2009
Figure IV-1-1-2 Crude copper capacity in China, 2006 ~ 2009
Figure IV-1-2-1 Refined copper capacity in China, 2006~2009
Figure IV-1-2-2 Import volume of refined copper in China, 2006~2009
Figure IV-2-1 Monthly output and price of cathode copper, 2009
Figure IV-2-2 YCC’s output and growth rate of cathode copper, 2005~2010
Figure IV-2-3 Cathode copper output in China, 2005~2009


Jiangxi Copper Company Limited., Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd., Jinchuan Group Limited, Yunnan Copper Group, Hubei Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Company
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Surrvey of Copper Industry in China
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