Magnesium Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Magnesium (Mg) is a silvery-white light ductile metal belonging to the “alkaline-earth” group. In nature the element occurs only in the combined form such as magnesite, carnallite, dolomite, spinel or olivine. Given the intense bright light magnesium produces while burning, it is generally used in different chemical and metallurgical processes as well as in signaling, photography and pyrotechnics. Magnesium also acts as a component in the production of alloys, optical mirrors, flashbulbs, precision instruments, etc.

The world annual production volume of magnesium is estimated at around 755,000 tonnes. China dominates the global magnesium market in terms of primary output, accounting for over 75% of the total figure. Dastech International, CellMark, The Luxfer Group, Atlantic Metals and Alloys and Alfa Aesar play important roles in the worldwide market for magnesium.

The catalogue encloses a great bulk of reports delving into the magnesium market. The researches outline the key forces provoking changes on the market; descry actual market conditions and provide unique analytical data on the market. The reports evaluate the competitive environment, review the leading participants and discuss future prospects for the market.

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