Smart Coatings Markets 2011

Date: February 21, 2011
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Smart Coatings Markets 2011
Smart coatings include a wide variety of materials ranging polymers to many kinds of metal compounds to biomaterials of various kinds. They may also be single layers or multilayer formulations. What this very diverse collection of materials has in common and what these materials offer in the marketplace is the ability to offer significantly enhanced functionality in a number of important areas; hence the name “smart.”

More specifically, smart coatings are able to provide an appropriate and predictable response to outside conditions changes in environment. This gives them huge commercial potential to provide additional longevity, safety and efficiency in the energy, medical device, automotive and construction industries and in military applications. And from the perspective of the coatings supplier, smart coatings offer a new way to add value to products, create protectable IP and thus to attract capital.

Although many of the most interesting smart coatings are only just beginning to emerge from industrial laboratories, NanoMarkets believes that these coatings have a huge future revenue potential. With this in mind, we are publishing the first market analysis of the smart coatings business including an eight-year quantitative forecast by application and material type.

This report identifies where the sweet spots are for commercializing and marketing smart coatings, who the major players are and will be, and how smart coatings products will be enhanced in value by the latest developments in nanomaterials and bioengineering. It also discusses the interrelationship between smart coatings and the related areas of smart surfaces and multifunctional coatings.

This report will provide invaluable guidance to marketing and business development executives working in the smart coatings area and to those in the materials space planning to get into this business. In addition, investors who are interested in the smart coatings business will find this report a “must read.

E.1 Opportunities for smart coatings
  E.1.1 Military
  E.1.2 Energy
  E.1.3 Medical
  E.1.4 Automotive and transportation
  E.1.5 Construction and architecture
  E.1.6 Antistatics
  E.1.7 Smart textiles
E.2 Firms to watch in the smart coating space
E.3 Summary of eight-year forecasts of smart coatings space


1.1 Background to this report
  1.1.1 Definitions and categorizations of smart coatings
  1.1.2 Current and future applications of smart coatings
1.2 Objectives and scope of this report
1.3 Methodology of this report
1.4 Plan of this report


2.1 Functionality trends and roadmap for smart coatings
  2.1.1 Self-repair, self-assembly and self-stratifying materials
  2.1.2 Hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials
  2.1.3 Thermo-chromic, photo-responsive and color-shifting materials
  2.1.4 Pressure-responsive coatings
  2.1.5 Bioactive and anti-microbial smart coatings
  2.1.6 Materials for autonomous corrosion control
2.2 Key players
  2.2.1 Commercial firms
  2.2.2 Research organizations
2.3 Manufacturing trends for smart coatings
2.4 Key points in this chapter


3.1 Military applications
  3.1.1 Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and self-healing materials
  3.1.2 Naval antifouling coatings
  3.1.3 Bioagent sensing
  3.1.4 Camouflage
3.2 Energy applications
  3.2.1 Lithium ion and thin-film batteries
  3.2.2 Silicon and CIG photovoltaics
3.3 Medical applications
  3.3.1 Antifouling coatings
  3.3.2 Drug delivery and release coatings
  3.3.3 Diagnostic/sensing coatings
3.4 Automotive and transportation applications
  3.4.1 Fillers
  3.4.2 Lubricants and catalysts
  3.4.3 Fuel cells
3.5 Antistatics
3.6 Construction and architecture applications
  3.6.1 Thermochromic and other smart windows
  3.6.2 Antimicrobial paints and anticorrosion coatings
  3.6.3 Self-cleaning surfaces
  3.6.4 Net-zero homes
3.7 Smart textiles and smart coatings


4.1 Introduction: Forecasting methodology
4.2 Forecasts of smart coatings in the defense industries and the military
  4.2.1 Forecast by application
  4.2.2 Forecast by material/functionality
4.3 Forecasts of smart coatings in the energy sector
  4.3.1 Forecast by application
  4.3.2 Forecast by material/functionality
4.4 Forecasts of smart coatings in the medicine and healthcare industries
  4.4.1 Forecast by application
  4.4.2 Forecast by material/functionality
4.5 Forecasts of smart coatings in automotive and transportation
  4.5.1 Forecast by application
  4.5.2 Forecast by material/functionality
4.6 Forecasts of smart coatings in construction and architectural applications
  4.6.1 Forecast by application
  4.6.2 Forecast by material/functionality
4.7 Forecasts of smart coatings as antistatics
4.8 Smart coatings for smart textiles
4.9 Summary of forecasts
  4.9.1 Summary by end user type
  4.9.2 Summary by material type
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Smart Coatings Markets 2011
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