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Biofuel Market Research

December 2017 | 249 pages | ID: B41CDD8CA7FEN
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The report presents detailed overview of the Biofuel market in the world and regions (CIS countries in particular) by contemplating and analyzing its various parameters.

Firstly, brief introduction is provided. Thus, biofuel properties, application areas and manufacturing technologies are considered. Further goes the analysis of global biofuel market with emphasis on its main components which are production, consumption, prices, global trade, future forecast, etc. This part focuses on regional markets as well.

Another important unit of the report is devoted to the CIS market. This part starts from general introduction of the market situation in the region, then follows the thorough research of each country market in particular.

The report also supplis with the data on investment projects, patent information and some other parameters specific for this or that market.

Besides, the current situation in the market the research features market historical background and provides future forecast as well. Thus, this Biofuel market research presents full picture of the named market.

1.1. Liquid biofuel
  1.1.1. Bioethanol
    Production technology
  1.1.2. Ethanol fuel
    Ethanol efficiency
    Fuel balance
    Environmental aspects of ethanol application
    Vehicles that use bioethanol as fuel
  1.1.3. Biomethanol
  1.1.4. Biobutanol
  1.1.5. Dimethyl ethers (DME)


2.1. Applications
2.2. Production technology
2.3. Standards
2.4. Constraints
2.5. Environmental aspects


3.1. Methanol
  3.1.1. Methanol production technology
  3.1.2. Methanol application
  3.1.3. Methanol production Methanol production in Russia
3.2. Rapeseed oil
  3.2.1. Rapeseed oil production (worldwide)
  3.2.2. Regional markets for rape and rapeseed oil
  3.2.3. Trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil colza/rape and rapeseed oil colza/rape and rapeseed oil in Canada
      Canada’s trade in rape or colza seeds
      Canada’s trade in rapeseed oil Trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil in USA
      US trade in rape or colza seeds
      US trade in rapeseed oil Trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil in China
      China’s trade in rape or colza seeds
      China’s trade in rapeseed oil EU trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil
      EU trade in rape or colza seeds
      EU trade in rapeseed oil Trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil in Netherlands
      Trade in rape or colza seeds in Netherlands
      Trade in rapeseed oil in Netherlands Germany’s trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil
      Trade in rape or colza seeds in Germany
      Trade in rapeseed oil in Germany Russia’s trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil
      Trade in rape or colza seeds in Russia
      Trade in rapeseed oil in Russia Ukraine’s trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil
      Trade in rape or colza seeds in Ukraine
      Trade in rapeseed oil in Ukraine Trade in colza/rape and rapeseed oil in Belarus
      Trade in rape or colza seeds in Belarus
      Trade in rapeseed oil in Belarus
3.3. Soybean and soybean oil
  3.3.1. Soybean production (worldwide)
  3.3.2. Regional markets for soybean
  3.3.3. Regional markets for soybean oil
3.4. Palm oil
  3.4.1. Regional markets for palm oil
3.5. Sunflower oil
  3.5.1. Regional markets for sunflower oil
3.6. Jatropha
3.7. Prices for oilseeds and vegetable oils


4.1. World biodiesel production
4.2. World biodiesel consumption
4.3. Biodiesel market forecasts
4.4. Prices for biodiesel


5.1. USA
  5.1.1. US biodiesel market
  5.1.2. Foreign trade in biodiesel
  5.1.3. The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and its members
  5.1.4. Biodiesel manufacturers in the USA
  5.1.5. Biodiosel traders
5.2. Canada
  5.2.1. Biodiesel manufacturers in Canada
  5.2.2. Canadian suppliers of canola-based biodiesel fuel
5.3. Brazil
  5.3.1. Biodiesel manufacturers in Brazil
  5.3.2. H-biodiesel – a new biofuel type
5.4. Argentina
  5.4.1. Biodiesel market in Argentina
  5.4.2. Domestic consumption
  5.4.3. Biodiesel manufacturers
5.5. Guatemala
5.6. Paraguay
5.7. Germany
  5.7.1. Biodiesel market in Germany
  5.7.2. Domestic consumption
5.8. France
5.9. Spain
  5.9.1. Global Biofuels Summit
5.10. Other European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, UK)
5.11. European Biodiesel Board (EBB)
5.12. Biodiesel production capacity in the EU countries
5.13. Biodiesel output in the EU countries
5.14. Biodiesel consumption in the EU countries
5.15. Net balance of biodiesel


6.1. Russian National Biofuels Association (RNBA)
6.2. Manufacturers by region
  6.2.1. Krasnodar krai (territory)
  6.2.2. Rostov oblast (province)
  6.2.3. Ivanovo oblast (province)
  6.2.4. Smolensk oblast (province)
  6.2.5. Omsk oblast (province)


7.1. Manufacturers


8.1. Development programs
8.2. Legislature
8.3. Standards
8.4. Bio100 Project
8.5. Economic prerequisites
8.6. Manufacturers


9.1. Indonesia
  9.1.1. Manufacturers
9.2. Malaysia
  9.2.1. Manufacturers
9.3. China
  9.3.1. Manufacturers
9.4. Taiwan
  9.4.1. Manufacturers
9.5. Thailand
  9.5.1. Manufacturers
9.6. Korea
9.7. Japan
9.8. India
  9.8.1. Manufacturers
9.9. Iran
9.10. Israel
9.11. Jordan
9.12. Turkey
  9.12.1. Legislature and programs
  9.12.2. Production
  9.12.3. Trade
9.13. Australia
  9.13.1. Manufacturers
9.14. Africa
  9.14.1 Zimbabwe


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