Production Survey of Copper Salts in China

Date: February 23, 2011
Pages: 15
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
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Production Survey of Copper Salts in China

Copper salts, the necessary raw materials for industry and agriculture, are widely applied in plating, pesticide, feed, medicine, etc. There are about 40 types of copper salts in China, of which copper sulphate pentahydrate, copper oxychloride, copper hydroxide and bordeaux mixture are four major copper salts applied in agriculture. China is an important production and consumption base of copper salts around the world. Although facing many challenges, Chinese copper salts'industry will still develop with a steady growth rate in the future according to this report’s research.

This report presents a comprehensive and deep analysis on four major copper salts and their application in China, especially for agricultural use. This report will give investors, researchers, or enthusiasts for copper salts a unique perspective into production of copper salts in China.

1.1 Overview
1.2 Copper oxychloride and its mixtures
  1.2.1 Copper oxychloride
  1.2.2 Mixtures of copper oxychloride
1.3 Copper sulphate pentahydrate and its mixtures
  1.3.1 Copper sulphate pentahydrate
  1.3.2 Mixtures of copper sulphate pentahydrate
1.4 Bordeaux mixture
1.5 Copper hydroxide and its mixtures
  1.5.1 Copper hydroxide
  1.5.2 Mixtures of copper hydroxide


Shenzhen Lvhuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Wujiang Shengfeng Chemical Co., Ltd., Hunan Heaven Bird Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd., Xintai Copper Industrial Co., Ltd. of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group, Baoding Nongyao Servece Co., Ltd.
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Production Survey of Copper Salts in China
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