Global Seeds Market: Focus on Genetically Modified Segment

Date: February 23, 2009
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Global Seeds Market: Focus on Genetically Modified Segment
Industrialization is changing the dynamics of the global seeds industry. The agriculture land is not going to increase over a period of time; in fact, it is decreasing owing to the growing industrialization world over. The agricultural land is increasingly being used for setting up of industries. This is putting pressure on agricultural sector as the increasing population is driving food demand.

The need of the hour is to produce more crops with the same or the diminishing land. This has in a way sacrificed the variety of crops we used to have once. Companies have introduced hybrid seeds and then introduced biotech traits into them which made them resistant to many diseases and calamities. Moreover, these corporate giants patented these seeds in their names, to make their sales grow and make them more profitable. This is gradually killing the traditional way where farmers would save the seeds for the next season. Rather now they have to buy them every time from these companies. The government is also promoting these biotech or hybrid seeds in order to make up for the increasing food demand.

So, the agricultural sector is changing hands, although slowly, from the farmers to the seed giants. Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta are the few big players in the seed industry. Another interesting trend in the industry, however contradictory to the cause of introducing these biotech crops, is the use of crops as biofuels, sacrificing the need for food. Governments as well as companies are encouraging farmers to grow crops which can be used for biofuels.

The biggest challenge now is, one, whether these biotech crops are really satisfying the cause and secondly, how to protect the non-biotech or the conventional crops from getting contaminated by the genetically modified crops.

The report is an attempt to analyze the size of the global seeds market, focusing primarily on the biotech seeds industry, along with the forecast of the industry size. The growth drivers and major issues facing the industry are also being touched upon. The major players of the industry are being profiled, highlighting their strategies.


Supply Chain


Commercial Seeds Market
Proprietary Seeds Market
Seeds Market by Region
2.1 Indian Seeds Market
Market Segmentation
Market Share


GMO Seeds Market Value
GMO Seeds Market Growth
GMO Seeds Market Share
3.1 US GMO Seeds Market
Market Share


4.1 Growth Drivers
  4.1.1 Food Price Increase
  4.1.2 Benefits of Biotech Trait
  4.1.3 Rising Demand of Biofuels
  4.1.4 Limited Crop Area & Productivity Increase
4.2 Industry Challenges
  4.2.1 Maintaining Seed Purity
  4.2.2 GM Seeds Contaminating Conventional Seeds


5.1 Monsanto
Business Strategies
Maintain Leadership in Agriculture Sector
Doubling Yield with Technology
Delivering Value to Shareowners
5.2 DuPont
Business Strategies
Streamlining Agriculture & Nutrition Segment
New Science for Growing Agriculture Markets
5.3 Syngenta
Business Strategies
Outperform Markets
Grow New Products
Life Cycle Management
Investment in Seeds
5.4 Bayer AG
Business Strategies
Strategies of the Environmental Science, BioScience Segment


Commercial Seeds Projections
Vegetable Seeds Projections


Domestic Seeds Market Value of Top Ten Markets (2007-08)
Global GMO Crop Plantings by Region (2006-07)
Impact of Crop Trait on Pesticide Application


Development & Supply Chain of Seed Production
Global Agrochemicals Market by Segments (2007)
Global Commercial Seeds Market by Segments (2007)
Global Proprietary Seeds Market by Segments (2007)
Global Proprietary Seeds Market Share (2007)
Global Seeds Market by Region (2007-08)
Indian Seeds Market Segmentation (2007)
Market Share of Indian Seeds Companies (2007)
Indian Seeds Market by Segments (2007-08)
Market Participant Categories of Indian Seeds Market (2007-08)
Global GMO Seeds Market Value by Seed Type (2007)
Global GMO Plantings by Crop Type (2007)
Global GMO Seed Market Growth (1996-2007)
Global GMO Seeds Market Share (2007)
Global GMO Seeds Market by Region (2007)
US GMO Seeds Market Share (2007)
US Corn Market Share (2007)
US Cotton Seeds Market Share (2007)
Market Value of Seeds with Traits (2001-06)
Sales Growth of Monsanto (2003-07)
Agriculture & Nutrition Sales Growth of DuPont (2003-07)
Sales Growth of Syngenta (2003-07)
Sales Growth of Bayer’s Crop Science Segment (2003-07)
Market Forecast of Commercial Seeds (2006/20E)
Global Vegetable Seeds Market Forecast (2007/20E)
Global Field Crop Commercial Seeds Market Forecast (2007/15E)
North America Commercial Seeds Market Forecast (2007/15E)
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Global Seeds Market: Focus on Genetically Modified Segment
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