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Company Study of Ningxia Meili Paper Industry Co., Ltd, 2007

June 2007 | 15 pages | ID: C6C6B461054EN

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In 2006, Meili planted trees in its own 30,000-mu forest land; it also signed tree purchase contract with farmers on 14,200-mu land. The construction of fast-growing plantation directly decreases the company's cost of chemimechanical pulp. Thanks to growing trees by itself, the company has low chemimechanical pulp cost. Currently, the price of poplar chemimechanical pulp in the market is RMB 4,000 (including taxes), the cost of chemimechanical pulp processed with outsourced timbers is about RMB 2,400, but the chemimechanical pulp cost of Meili is only RMB 2,073.

In 2006, the operation rate of the coated white board industry reached 95%. It is expected that the figure will amount to 96% in 2007. These indicate that the production capacity utilization of this industry is sufficient. However, from the angle of the increase of production capacity, in fact, the newly increased production capacity of ivory board is only 300,000 tons of Meili; other large manufacturers have not planned to increase the production of ivory board before 2008. The current scale of the ivory board industry is 2 million tons, seeing annual growth rate of over 10%. Its annual market increment is forecasted to be around 200,000 tons.

1 Analysis of Fast-growing Plantation of Meili
1.1 Fast-growing Plantation Improves the Competitiveness of Meili
1.2 Ivory Board Project will be the Focus of Future Development
1.3 Introduction of Fast-growing Plantation of Meili

2Industry Overview
2.1 Ivory Board Industry is Booming
2.2 Culture Paper Market Rises Steadily
2.3 Copperplate Paper will keep Steady Development

3 Profits Forecast

4 Company Risk Analysis


Sales Network of Meili
Proportion of Ivory Board in Sales Revenue and Profits of Meili, 2007-2009
Recycling of Water Resources
Operation Rate of Coated White Board Industry in Recent Years
Average Price Trend of Ivory Board
Monthly Price Comparison of Offset Paper, 2006
Price Trend of Home-made Copperplate Paper
Production and Sales Volume of Copperplate Paper
Competitiveness Analysis
Transport Fee Comparison
Sensitivity of Chemimechanical Pulp Cost Advantage of Meili along with the Rise of Timber Price
Fast-growing Plantation of Meili
Merchant Volume of Fast-growing Plantation per Mu
Plantation Operation Cost
Cost Composition of Poplar Chemimechanical Pulp
Production Capacity and Consumption Increase Comparison of Coated White Board
Forecast of Sales Volume of Main Products of Meili
Sales Forecast

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