Petroleum & Coal Products Industry Purchasing World Report

Date: July 11, 2017
Pages: 1274
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Petroleum & Coal Products Industry Purchasing World Report

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The Petroleum & Coal Products Industry Purchasing World Report gives data on a list of105 categories of Raw Materials, Semi-Finished & Finished Products, Services, Sub-contracted Expenditures and Expenses by the 6375 entities in the Petroleum & coal products industry sector. The data analyses each of 100 countries, by each Purchased Product or Expense Group, by Product Code, by2 Time series:7 years Historic data and 7 years Forecast data.

PURCHASES OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES (by country, by year, in US$):


1. Petroleum & coal products industry
2. Materials & components, parts, containers & supplies (00970099) (for NAICS 324110)
3. Materials & components, parts, containers & supplies (00970099) (for NAICS 324121)
4. Materials & components, parts, containers & supplies (00970099) (for NAICS 324122)
5. Materials & components, parts, containers & supplies (00970099) (for NAICS 324191)
6. Materials & components, parts, containers & supplies (00970099) (for NAICS 324199)
7. Materials, ingredients, containers & supplies, n.s.k. (00971000) (for NAICS 324110)
8. Materials, ingredients, containers & supplies, n.s.k. (00971000) (for NAICS 324121)
9. Materials, ingredients, containers & supplies, n.s.k. (00971000) (for NAICS 324122)
10. Materials, ingredients, containers & supplies, n.s.k. (00971000) (for NAICS 324191)
11. Materials, ingredients, containers & supplies, n.s.k. (00971000) (for NAICS 324199)
12. Foreign unfinished oils (00999827) (for NAICS 324110)
13. Foreign crude petroleum, lease condensate (00999830) (for NAICS 324110)
14. Foreign crude petroleum, lease condensate (00999830) (for NAICS 324191)
15. Gas mixtures (C2, C3, C4) (21111021) (for NAICS 324110)
16. Isopentane & natural gasoline (21111023) (for NAICS 324110)
17. Domestic crude petroleum, lease condensate (21111103) (for NAICS 324110)
18. Domestic crude petroleum, lease condensate (21111103) (for NAICS 324191)
19. Butane (C4), at least 80 percent purity (21111203) (for NAICS 324110)
20. Ethane (C2), at least 80 percent purity (21111205) (for NAICS 324110)
21. Propane (C3), at least 80 percent purity (21111207) (for NAICS 324110)
22. Propane (C3), at least 80 percent purity (21111207) (for NAICS 324191)
23. Natural gas liquids, plant condensate (21111209) (for NAICS 324110)
24. Sand & gravel (21232003) (for NAICS 324121)
25. Sand & gravel (21232003) (for NAICS 324122)
26. Animal & vegetable oils (31100013) (for NAICS 324110)
27. Animal & vegetable oils (31100013) (for NAICS 324191)
28. Roofing felts, unsaturated (32212033) (for NAICS 324121)
29. Roofing felts, unsaturated (32212033) (for NAICS 324122)
30. Paper & paperboard containers (32220015) (for NAICS 324110)
31. Paper & paperboard containers (32220015) (for NAICS 324191)
32. Fiber cans, bodies with fiber & materials (foil, plastics, etc.) with metal ends (32221400) (for NAICS 324110)
33. Fiber cans, bodies with fiber & materials (foil, plastics, etc.) with metal ends (32221400) (for NAICS 324191)
34. Materials from petroleum refineries & lube manufacturers (32410007) (for NAICS 324110)
35. Materials from petroleum refineries & lube manufacturers (32410007) (for NAICS 324191)
36. Materials from petroleum refineries & lube manufacturers (32410007) (for NAICS 324199)
37. Benzol (benzene) (100 percent C6H6) (32411013) (for NAICS 324110)
38. Paving grade asphalts (32411025) (for NAICS 324121)
39. Paving grade asphalts (32411025) (for NAICS 324122)
40. Roofing grade asphalts (32411027) (for NAICS 324121)
41. Roofing grade asphalts (32411027) (for NAICS 324122)
42. Asphalts other than paving & roofing grade (32411029) (for NAICS 324121)
43. Asphalts other than paving & roofing grade (32411029) (for NAICS 324122)
44. Antioxidant, antiknock compound & inhibitor additives (32500017) (for NAICS 324110)
45. Antioxidant, antiknock compound & inhibitor additives (32500017) (for NAICS 324191)
46. Additives, soaps & detergents (32500019) (for NAICS 324110)
47. Additives, soaps & detergents (32500019) (for NAICS 324191)
48. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)(100 percent NaOH) (32518107) (for NAICS 324110)
49. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)(100 percent NaOH) (32518107) (for NAICS 324191)
50. Sulfuric acid (100 percent H2SO4), not spent (32518805) (for NAICS 324110)
51. Sulfuric acid (100 percent H2SO4), not spent (32518805) (for NAICS 324191)
52. Sulfuric acid (100 percent H2SO4), not spent (32518805) (for NAICS 324199)
53. Chemical catalytic preparations (32518825) (for NAICS 324110)
54. Chemical catalytic preparations (32518825) (for NAICS 324191)
55. Toluene & xylene (100 percent basis) (32519213) (for NAICS 324110)
56. Toluene & xylene (100 percent basis) (32519213) (for NAICS 324191)
57. Plastics containers (32610035) (for NAICS 324110)
58. Plastics containers (32610035) (for NAICS 324191)
59. Glass fiber, textile type, bonded mat type, etc. (32721205) (for NAICS 324121)
60. Glass fiber, textile type, bonded mat type, etc. (32721205) (for NAICS 324122)
61. Roofing granules (32799203) (for NAICS 324121)
62. Roofing granules (32799203) (for NAICS 324122)
63. Metal containers (33240000) (for NAICS 324110)
64. Metal containers (33240000) (for NAICS 324191)
65. Raw & Feedstock Materials, n.e.c.
66. Finished Materials, n.e.c.
67. All other Input Materials & Components, n.e.c.
68. Buildings & Fittings
69. Plant & Equipment
70. Vehicles & Equipment
71. Data Processing, Software & Office Equipment
72. Miscellaneous Capital Purchases
73. New Technology Purchases
74. Process Technology Purchases
75. Research & Development Purchases
76. Fuel Purchases
77. Energy Purchases
78. Sub-Contracted Work Purchased
79. After-Sales Services Purchased
80. Technical Process Services Purchased
81. Technical Product Services Purchased
82. Legal & Public Relations Services Purchased
83. Leasing of Buildings
84. Rental & Leasing of Equipment
85. Financial Services Purchased
86. Building Maintenance & Services Purchased
87. Equipment Maintenance & Services Purchased
88. Services Purchased
89. Telecommunications & Data Services
90. Travel, Hotel & Subsistence Purchased
91. Office Supplies, Mailing,
92. Advertising Services & Media Purchases
93. Advertising Materials Purchases
94. Point of Sales Materials Purchases
95. Promotional Materials & Services Purchases
96. Sales Materials & Promotional Print
97. Contracted Logistics Services
98. Logistics Services Purchased
99. Contracted Warehouse & Storage Services
100. Warehouse & Storage Purchases
101. Contracted Product Handling Services
102. Product Handling Services Purchased
103. Contracted Process Services
104. Product Process Service Purchases

Purchasing Data: the report contains aggregated data from 6375 Companies or Organisations (worldwide) with their purchasing data for each of the105 Product or Expenses Purchasing Groups, by each country, by each Year.

Financial Data: the report gives the aggregated Financial and Balance Sheet data, by each country, by each Year.

Industry Data: the report gives the aggregated Industry Data, by each country, by Year.

This Petroleum & Coal Products Industry Purchasing World Report is a PDF Summary Edition.1274 pages. Updated monthly.

UPGRADE: A Purchasing World Database Edition of this report is available which covers200 countries by each of the105 Purchasing/Expenses Categories from1997 with a forecast to2046. This is a very large database with2158 pages,9710 spreadsheets,9785 database tables,526 illustrations. The report contains a number of Access databases which are an analogue of U.S. Government databases, and have the same database structures, datasets, field names, et al. The Database Edition is correlated with the U.S. Government NAICS/SIC code 3241.

Purchasing Volume and Unit data is available on request.

Data on the individual 6375 Purchasing Companies or Organisations is available at any time during (12 months) from the After-Sales Service.

Purchasing data for Petroleum & Coal Products Industry, in each country, by each of 105 Product or Expenses Purchasing Groups, by each year, in US$ terms. Data from 6375 Petroleum & coal products industry entities worldwide.

The Petroleum & Coal Products Industry Purchasing World Report covers:

TIME SERIES: Historic, previous 7 years, and Forecast for next 7 years.


Report Specifications

World Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
World Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Canada & USA Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Canada & USA Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Central America Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Central America Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
South America Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
South America Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Europe Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Europe Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Eurasia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Eurasia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Middle East Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Middle East Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Africa Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Africa Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Asia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Asia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Oceania Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Oceania Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million

Algeria Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Algeria Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Algeria Financials Historic
Algeria Financials Forecast
Algeria Industry Norms
Argentina Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Argentina Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Argentina Financials Historic
Argentina Financials Forecast
Argentina Industry Norms
Australia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Australia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Australia Financials Historic
Australia Financials Forecast
Australia Industry Norms
Austria Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Austria Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Austria Financials Historic
Austria Financials Forecast
Austria Industry Norms
Azerbaijan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Azerbaijan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Azerbaijan Financials Historic
Azerbaijan Financials Forecast
Azerbaijan Industry Norms
Bahrain Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Bahrain Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Bahrain Financials Historic
Bahrain Financials Forecast
Bahrain Industry Norms
Bangladesh Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Bangladesh Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Bangladesh Financials Historic
Bangladesh Financials Forecast
Bangladesh Industry Norms
Belarus Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Belarus Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Belarus Financials Historic
Belarus Financials Forecast
Belarus Industry Norms
Belgium Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Belgium Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Belgium Financials Historic
Belgium Financials Forecast
Belgium Industry Norms
Bolivia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Bolivia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Bolivia Financials Historic
Bolivia Financials Forecast
Bolivia Industry Norms
Bosnia and Herzegovina Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Bosnia and Herzegovina Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Bosnia and Herzegovina Financials Historic
Bosnia and Herzegovina Financials Forecast
Bosnia and Herzegovina Industry Norms
Botswana Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Botswana Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Botswana Financials Historic
Botswana Financials Forecast
Botswana Industry Norms
Brazil Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Brazil Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Brazil Financials Historic
Brazil Financials Forecast
Brazil Industry Norms
Bulgaria Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Bulgaria Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Bulgaria Financials Historic
Bulgaria Financials Forecast
Bulgaria Industry Norms
Cambodia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Cambodia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Cambodia Financials Historic
Cambodia Financials Forecast
Cambodia Industry Norms
Canada Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Canada Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Canada Financials Historic
Canada Financials Forecast
Canada Industry Norms
Chile Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Chile Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Chile Financials Historic
Chile Financials Forecast
Chile Industry Norms
China Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
China Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
China Financials Historic
China Financials Forecast
China Industry Norms
Colombia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Colombia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Colombia Financials Historic
Colombia Financials Forecast
Colombia Industry Norms
Costa Rica Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Costa Rica Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Costa Rica Financials Historic
Costa Rica Financials Forecast
Costa Rica Industry Norms
Croatia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Croatia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Croatia Financials Historic
Croatia Financials Forecast
Croatia Industry Norms
Cuba Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Cuba Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Cuba Financials Historic
Cuba Financials Forecast
Cuba Industry Norms
Cyprus Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Cyprus Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Cyprus Financials Historic
Cyprus Financials Forecast
Cyprus Industry Norms
Czech Republic Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Czech Republic Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Czech Republic Financials Historic
Czech Republic Financials Forecast
Czech Republic Industry Norms
Denmark Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Denmark Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Denmark Financials Historic
Denmark Financials Forecast
Denmark Industry Norms
Ecuador Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Ecuador Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Ecuador Financials Historic
Ecuador Financials Forecast
Ecuador Industry Norms
Egypt Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Egypt Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Egypt Financials Historic
Egypt Financials Forecast
Egypt Industry Norms
El Salvador Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
El Salvador Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
El Salvador Financials Historic
El Salvador Financials Forecast
El Salvador Industry Norms
Estonia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Estonia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Estonia Financials Historic
Estonia Financials Forecast
Estonia Industry Norms
Finland Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Finland Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Finland Financials Historic
Finland Financials Forecast
Finland Industry Norms
France Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
France Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
France Financials Historic
France Financials Forecast
France Industry Norms
French Guiana Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
French Guiana Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
French Guiana Financials Historic
French Guiana Financials Forecast
French Guiana Industry Norms
Georgia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Georgia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Georgia Financials Historic
Georgia Financials Forecast
Georgia Industry Norms
Germany Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Germany Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Germany Financials Historic
Germany Financials Forecast
Germany Industry Norms
Ghana Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Ghana Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Ghana Financials Historic
Ghana Financials Forecast
Ghana Industry Norms
Greece Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Greece Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Greece Financials Historic
Greece Financials Forecast
Greece Industry Norms
Guyana Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Guyana Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Guyana Financials Historic
Guyana Financials Forecast
Guyana Industry Norms
Honduras Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Honduras Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Honduras Financials Historic
Honduras Financials Forecast
Honduras Industry Norms
Hong Kong Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Hong Kong Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Hong Kong Financials Historic
Hong Kong Financials Forecast
Hong Kong Industry Norms
Hungary Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Hungary Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Hungary Financials Historic
Hungary Financials Forecast
Hungary Industry Norms
Iceland Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Iceland Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Iceland Financials Historic
Iceland Financials Forecast
Iceland Industry Norms
India Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
India Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
India Financials Historic
India Financials Forecast
India Industry Norms
Indonesia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Indonesia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Indonesia Financials Historic
Indonesia Financials Forecast
Indonesia Industry Norms
Iran Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Iran Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Iran Financials Historic
Iran Financials Forecast
Iran Industry Norms
Ireland Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Ireland Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Ireland Financials Historic
Ireland Financials Forecast
Ireland Industry Norms
Israel Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Israel Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Israel Financials Historic
Israel Financials Forecast
Israel Industry Norms
Italy Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Italy Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Italy Financials Historic
Italy Financials Forecast
Italy Industry Norms
Jamaica Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Jamaica Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Jamaica Financials Historic
Jamaica Financials Forecast
Jamaica Industry Norms
Japan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Japan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Japan Financials Historic
Japan Financials Forecast
Japan Industry Norms
Kazakhstan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Kazakhstan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Kazakhstan Financials Historic
Kazakhstan Financials Forecast
Kazakhstan Industry Norms
Kenya Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Kenya Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Kenya Financials Historic
Kenya Financials Forecast
Kenya Industry Norms
Kuwait Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Kuwait Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Kuwait Financials Historic
Kuwait Financials Forecast
Kuwait Industry Norms
Kyrgyzstan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Kyrgyzstan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Kyrgyzstan Financials Historic
Kyrgyzstan Financials Forecast
Kyrgyzstan Industry Norms
Laos Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Laos Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Laos Financials Historic
Laos Financials Forecast
Laos Industry Norms
Latvia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Latvia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Latvia Financials Historic
Latvia Financials Forecast
Latvia Industry Norms
Lebanon Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Lebanon Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Lebanon Financials Historic
Lebanon Financials Forecast
Lebanon Industry Norms
Lithuania Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Lithuania Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Lithuania Financials Historic
Lithuania Financials Forecast
Lithuania Industry Norms
Luxembourg Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Luxembourg Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Luxembourg Financials Historic
Luxembourg Financials Forecast
Luxembourg Industry Norms
Malawi Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Malawi Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Malawi Financials Historic
Malawi Financials Forecast
Malawi Industry Norms
Malaysia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Malaysia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Malaysia Financials Historic
Malaysia Financials Forecast
Malaysia Industry Norms
Mexico Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Mexico Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Mexico Financials Historic
Mexico Financials Forecast
Mexico Industry Norms
Morocco Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Morocco Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Morocco Financials Historic
Morocco Financials Forecast
Morocco Industry Norms
Netherlands Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Netherlands Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Netherlands Financials Historic
Netherlands Financials Forecast
Netherlands Industry Norms
New Zealand Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
New Zealand Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
New Zealand Financials Historic
New Zealand Financials Forecast
New Zealand Industry Norms
Nicaragua Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Nicaragua Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Nicaragua Financials Historic
Nicaragua Financials Forecast
Nicaragua Industry Norms
Nigeria Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Nigeria Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Nigeria Financials Historic
Nigeria Financials Forecast
Nigeria Industry Norms
Norway Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Norway Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Norway Financials Historic
Norway Financials Forecast
Norway Industry Norms
Pakistan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Pakistan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Pakistan Financials Historic
Pakistan Financials Forecast
Pakistan Industry Norms
Panama Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Panama Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Panama Financials Historic
Panama Financials Forecast
Panama Industry Norms
Paraguay Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Paraguay Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Paraguay Financials Historic
Paraguay Financials Forecast
Paraguay Industry Norms
Peru Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Peru Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Peru Financials Historic
Peru Financials Forecast
Peru Industry Norms
Philippines Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Philippines Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Philippines Financials Historic
Philippines Financials Forecast
Philippines Industry Norms
Poland Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Poland Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Poland Financials Historic
Poland Financials Forecast
Poland Industry Norms
Portugal Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Portugal Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Portugal Financials Historic
Portugal Financials Forecast
Portugal Industry Norms
Romania Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Romania Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Romania Financials Historic
Romania Financials Forecast
Romania Industry Norms
Russia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Russia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Russia Financials Historic
Russia Financials Forecast
Russia Industry Norms
Saudi Arabia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Saudi Arabia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Saudi Arabia Financials Historic
Saudi Arabia Financials Forecast
Saudi Arabia Industry Norms
Serbia and Montenegro Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Serbia and Montenegro Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Serbia and Montenegro Financials Historic
Serbia and Montenegro Financials Forecast
Serbia and Montenegro Industry Norms
Singapore Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Singapore Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Singapore Financials Historic
Singapore Financials Forecast
Singapore Industry Norms
Slovakia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Slovakia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Slovakia Financials Historic
Slovakia Financials Forecast
Slovakia Industry Norms
Slovenia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Slovenia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Slovenia Financials Historic
Slovenia Financials Forecast
Slovenia Industry Norms
South Africa Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
South Africa Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
South Africa Financials Historic
South Africa Financials Forecast
South Africa Industry Norms
South Korea Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
South Korea Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
South Korea Financials Historic
South Korea Financials Forecast
South Korea Industry Norms
Spain Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Spain Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Spain Financials Historic
Spain Financials Forecast
Spain Industry Norms
Sri Lanka Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Sri Lanka Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Sri Lanka Financials Historic
Sri Lanka Financials Forecast
Sri Lanka Industry Norms
Suriname Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Suriname Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Suriname Financials Historic
Suriname Financials Forecast
Suriname Industry Norms
Sweden Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Sweden Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Sweden Financials Historic
Sweden Financials Forecast
Sweden Industry Norms
Switzerland Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Switzerland Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Switzerland Financials Historic
Switzerland Financials Forecast
Switzerland Industry Norms
Taiwan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Taiwan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Taiwan Financials Historic
Taiwan Financials Forecast
Taiwan Industry Norms
Tanzania Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Tanzania Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Tanzania Financials Historic
Tanzania Financials Forecast
Tanzania Industry Norms
Thailand Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Thailand Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Thailand Financials Historic
Thailand Financials Forecast
Thailand Industry Norms
Tunisia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Tunisia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Tunisia Financials Historic
Tunisia Financials Forecast
Tunisia Industry Norms
Turkey Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Turkey Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Turkey Financials Historic
Turkey Financials Forecast
Turkey Industry Norms
Uganda Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Uganda Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Uganda Financials Historic
Uganda Financials Forecast
Uganda Industry Norms
Ukraine Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Ukraine Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Ukraine Financials Historic
Ukraine Financials Forecast
Ukraine Industry Norms
United Arab Emirates Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
United Arab Emirates Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
United Arab Emirates Financials Historic
United Arab Emirates Financials Forecast
United Arab Emirates Industry Norms
United Kingdom Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
United Kingdom Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
United Kingdom Financials Historic
United Kingdom Financials Forecast
United Kingdom Industry Norms
United States Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
United States Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
United States Financials Historic
United States Financials Forecast
United States Industry Norms
Uruguay Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Uruguay Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Uruguay Financials Historic
Uruguay Financials Forecast
Uruguay Industry Norms
Uzbekistan Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Uzbekistan Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Uzbekistan Financials Historic
Uzbekistan Financials Forecast
Uzbekistan Industry Norms
Venezuela Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Venezuela Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Venezuela Financials Historic
Venezuela Financials Forecast
Venezuela Industry Norms
Vietnam Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Vietnam Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Vietnam Financials Historic
Vietnam Financials Forecast
Vietnam Industry Norms
Zambia Purchasing Historic: US$ Million
Zambia Purchasing Forecast: US$ Million
Zambia Financials Historic
Zambia Financials Forecast
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