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Asian Polyester Market: Focus on China

February 2008 | 29 pages | ID: A8222A009A3EN
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The global polyester industry has witnessed a significant shift in production capacity from North America and Europe to the Asian countries. China has taken the lead, followed by India, Taiwan and South Korea. China accounts for about forty percent of the worldwide polyester production. Domestic consumers are a key driver of the surge in polyester production in China. Polyester demand in India is also growing rapidly due to rising disposable income across the country.

Due to rapid capacity addition in China, a key trend of Asian polyester market has been oversupply since 2000. Apart from oversupply, polyester producers feel threatened by rising feedstock costs (PTA & EG) which have resulted in diminishing profits margins and pricing power. The market has also witnessed some consolidation in Asia. Reliance Industries’ (India) acquisition of Hualon Corp. (Malaysia) has increased its global market share in polyester fiber and yarn to more than seven percent.

The report profiles the polyester market in Asia. It begins with a discussion of the worldwide polyester market and then goes on to analyze the major Asian markets – China and India. Apart from analyzing the key trends prevalent in the market, the report also profiles the major polyester producers.


1.1 Polyester Value Chain


2.1 Global Market
  2.1.1 Worldwide Polyester Supply/Demand
  2.1.2 Polyester Production Breakdown by Region
  2.1.3 Worldwide PTA Capacity
  2.1.4 Worldwide EG Capacity
  2.1.5 Worldwide PX Capacity
  2.1.6 Polyester Capacity Addition
2.2 Asian Market
  2.2.1 China Chinese Polyester Demand Domestic Consumption Vs Export of Polyester Polymerization Capacity PTA Segment
  2.2.2 India Polyester Demand in India


3.1 Feedstock Price Hike Impacts Polyester Producers
3.2 Polyester Industrial Filament Sector – Bright Outlook
3.3 Recycling of PET Bottles
3.4 India Cuts Import Duty on Polyester
3.5 PX Demand & Supply Trend
3.6 Polyester Fiber and Yarn Pricing Trend
3.7 Consolidation in Polyester Market


4.1 Reliance Industries
  4.1.1 Overview
  4.1.2 Business Strategies
  4.1.3 Inorganic Growth
  4.1.4 Expansion Strategy
4.2 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical and Fibre
  4.2.1 Overview
  4.2.2 Business Strategies
  4.2.3 Maintains Strong Sales Network
  4.2.4 Capacity Expansion
4.3 Nan Ya Plastics
  4.3.1 Overview
  4.3.2 Business Strategies
  4.3.3 Building Downstream Capacity outside Taiwan
4.4 Far Eastern Textile
  4.4.1 Overview
A1. China’s Import of Polyester Fiber
A2. China’s Import of Polyester Filament Yarn
A3. China’s Import of Primary Polyester


Asia Net Incremental Polyester Demand (2004-09E)
Major PTA Producers in China by Capacity
PTA Projects in Pipeline in China by Capacity
Import Sources of PTA in China (2006)
Major Polyester Industrial Filament Producers in China (2006)
Supply/Demand of Polyester Industrial Filament in China (2001-06)
Polyester Filament Prices in China
Polyester Staple Fiber Prices in India
Consolidation in the Asian Polyester Market
China’s Import of Polyester Fiber (2004-07)
China’s Import of Polyester Filament Yarn (2004-07)
China’s Import of Primary Polyester (2004-07)


Polyester Value Chain Diagram
Worldwide Polyester Supply/Demand (2002-10E)
Worldwide Polyester Production by Region (2006)
Worldwide PTA Capacity (2003-08E)
Worldwide EG Capacity (2003-08E)
Worldwide PX Capacity Additions (2003-08E)
Global Polyester Capacity Additions (2006)
Chinese Polyester Demand as % of Worldwide Demand (2002-09E)
Domestic Consumption Vs Exports of Polyester in China (2000-09E)
China’s Polymerization Capacity (2002-08E)
Polyester Demand Growth in India (2001-06E)
Reliance Industries - Revenue by Segment (2007)
Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre - Polyester Sales Breakdown (2006)
Nan Ya Plastics - Sales Breakdown (Q307)

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