Japan Retail Industry Comparative Analysis and Companies Ranking

Date: September 15, 2019
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Japan Retail Industry Comparative Analysis and Companies Ranking
  • The report analyses Retail Industry in Japan. It covers general statistics, including industry volumes by sales and income, and industry dynamics within the recent period. The description of industry structure by company is included as well, establishing extent of market concentration and evaluating companies’ market shares. Analysis includes detailed information about the internal and external factors that affect Retail Industry in Japan.
  • The report provides detailed Retail Industry comparative analysis with interrelated data on major companies. The areas under consideration are as follows:
    - company strategic position in the industry
    - profitability and margin analysis
    - assets turnover and credit ratios reviews
    - long-term solvency indicators
    - growth trends comparison
  • The report also presents company rankings by size, value, profit margin and growth history, thus giving a full picture of each company mentioned.
  • The report provides relevant news, an analysis of PR-activity, and stock price movements. The latter are correlated with pertinent news and press releases. Annual and quarterly forecasts are given by a variety of experts and market research firms. Such information creates your awareness about principal trends of the industry.




1.1. Key Facts
1.2. Industry Volume
1.3. Industry Dynamics


2.1. Stock Analysis
2.2. Current Market State
2.3. Comparative Financial Analysis
  2.3.1. Profitability Analysis
  2.3.2. Margin Analysis
  2.3.3. Assets Turnover Analysis
  2.3.4. Credit Ratios
  2.3.5. Long-Term Solvency Analysis
  2.3.6. Growth Over Prior Year Trends


3.1. Company Rankings by Size
3.2. Company Rankings by Value
3.3. Company Rankings by Profit Margins
3.4. Company Rankings by Growth History


4.1. News & PR Activity Analysis
4.2. Japan Retail Industry Significant Developments
4.3. Marketing News
4.4. Corporate Events




Table 1. The list of Companies Included in the Research
Table 2. Japan Retail Industry Snapshot
Table 3. Japan Retail Industry Annual Revenues, Gross Profit and Net Income, 2013-2016
Table 4. Japan Retail Industry Quarterly Revenues, Gross Profit and Net Income
Table 5. Japan Retail Industry Annual Growth Rates, %
Table 6. Japan Retail Industry Quarterly Growth Rates, %
Table 7. Japan Retail Industry Companies Stock Performance
Table 8. Companies Market Shares in 2013-2016, %
Table 9. Japan Retail Industry Companies Profitability Ratios
Table 10. Japan Retail Industry Companies Margin Analysis Ratios
Table 11. Japan Retail Industry Companies Assets Turnover Ratios
Table 12. Japan Retail Industry Companies Credit Ratios
Table 13. Japan Retail Industry Companies Long-Term Solvency Ratios
Table 14. Japan Retail Industry Companies Growth Over Prior Year Ratios
Table 15. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Market Capitalization
Table 16. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Revenues
Table 17. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Net Income
Table 18. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Employees
Table 19. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Price per Earnings
Table 20. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Price to Sales
Table 21. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Price to Book
Table 22. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Price to Cash Flow
Table 23. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Profit Margin
Table 24. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Operating Margin
Table 25. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Return on Assets
Table 26. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Earnings per Share
Table 27. Japan Retail Industry Leaders by Revenue Growth Rate


Figure 1. Japan Retail Industry Annual Revenues in Comparison with Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Profit
Figure 2. Industry Concentration in 2016, %
Figure 3. Japan Retail Industry Dynamics, 4 Year Trends
Figure 4. Japan Retail Industry Dynamics, Last 4 Quarter Trends
Figure 5. Japan Retail Industry 1-year Stock Chart
Figure 6. Japan Retail Industry vs. Main Indexes 1-year Stock Chart
Figure 7. Japan Retail Industry Structure by Companies, %
Figure 8. Growth-Share Matrix: Companies Strategic Position in Japan Retail Industry (Recent Year Trends)
Figure 9. Growth-Share Matrix: Companies Strategic Position in Japan Retail Industry (Recent Quarter Trends)
Figure 10. Return on Assets Chart by Companies in 2013-2016
Figure 11. Return on Equity Chart by Companies in 2013-2016
Figure 12. Profitability Peer Analysis
Figure 13. Profit Margin Chart by Companies in 2013-2016
Figure 14. Operating Margin Chart by Companies in 2013-2016
Figure 15. Margin Peer Analysis
Figure 16. Assets Turnover Peer Analysis
Figure 17. Current Ratio Chart by Companies in 2013-2016
Figure 18. Growth Over Prior Year Peer Analysis
Figure 19. Japan Retail Industry Article Density Chart


cocokara fine Inc.Commonwealth Entertainment & Co.Cosmos Pharmaceutical Co.
Cox Co., Ltd.Create SD Holdings Co., Ltd.Crops Corporation
CS Men Co.Ltd.Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.CVS Bay Area lnc
Daiei Inc.Daiichi Co. Ltd.Daikokutenbussan Co. Ltd.
Daiwa Co., Ltd.Daiya Tsucho Co. Ltd.Daiyu Eight Co., Ltd.
DCM Holdings Co.Ltd.Dena Co. Ltd.Digital Adventure Inc.
Domy Co., Ltd.Don Quijote Co. Ltd.Eco's Co. Ltd.
EDION Corp.Encho Co., Ltd.Family, Inc.
FamilyMart Co. Ltd.Fast Retailing Co. Ltd.Felissimo, Corp.
FT Communications Co., Ltd.Fuji Co., Ltd.Fuji Corp.
Fujikyu CorporationGenky Stores Inc.Geo Corp.
Gfoot Co.,Ltd.Golf Digest Online Inc.Golf.do Co Ltd
Goto Co. Ltd.Growell Holdings Co. Ltd.Gulliver International Co. Ltd.
H2O Retailing CorporationHalows Co. Ltd.Hanaten Co. Ltd.
Handsman Co. Ltd.Harashin Narus Holdings Co., Ltd.Hard Off Corp.
Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd.Hasegawa Co. Ltd.Heiwado Co., Ltd.
Hikari-Tsushin Inc.Himaraya Co. Ltd.Hiraki Co. Ltd.
Hokuyu Lucky Co.,Ltd.Honeys Co. Ltd.House of Rose Co.,Ltd.
I K Co., Ltd.IA Group CorporationiKco., Ltd.
Ikyu Corp.Image Holdings Co. Ltd.Inageya Co., Ltd.
Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.Izumi Co. Ltd.Izumiya Co. Ltd.
Izutsuya Co., Ltd.J.Front Retailing Co.Jason Co. Ltd.
Jeans Mate CorporationJeugia Corp.Jipangu Holdings Inc.
JOIS Co.,LTD.Joshin Denki Co.Ltd.Juntendo Co. Ltd.
K's Holdings CorporationKansai Super Market Ltd.Kanseki Co., Ltd.
Kasumi Co., Ltd.Keiozu Holdings CompanyKeiyo Co. Ltd.
Kenko.com, Inc.Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd.Kirindo Co Ltd
Kitamura Co. Ltd.Kobebussan Co., Ltd.Kohnan Shoji Co. Ltd.
Kojima Co. Ltd.Kojitu Co., Ltd.Komehyo Co. Ltd.
Komeri Co. Ltd.Konaka Co., Ltd.KU Holdings Company Ltd
and 195 companies more

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Japan Retail Industry Comparative Analysis and Companies Ranking
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