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Lingerie Market: Focus on Design & Fashion Trends

February 2008 | 29 pages | ID: LE95B85AC51EN
Koncept Analytics

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The growing fashion appeal of lingerie has changed drastically over the years. The market is being driven by the advent of modern technologies and fabrics that help in designing innovative products such as laser-cut seamless bras and moulded T-shirt bras. Designers are putting greater emphasis on rich-looking fabrics, laces, embroideries and brighter, more daring colors. The largest-selling lingerie product is bra. There is a huge demand for full-busted bras.

Retailers acknowledge the fact that lingerie market has higher profit margins than regular apparel. They are launching new lingerie lines and also giving their older products a makeover. Lingerie vendors are focusing more on their alliances with lingerie specialty stores as compared to department stores. The world’s largest lingerie manufacturer, Victoria’s Secret, operates almost exclusively in North America. The European market is quite fragmented, with Triumph International and DB Apparel leading the market.

The report analyzes the worldwide, US, UK, and French lingerie markets. Apart from providing a competitive landscape of the market, the report also profiles the major lingerie companies, with a discussion of their key business strategies. It also analyzes the major trends prevalent in the lingerie market.



2.1 Global
  Intimate Apparel Market Value
  Intimate Apparel Market by Country/Region
  Intimate Apparel Market by Segment
  Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Market by Region
2.2 US
  Intimate Apparel Market by Segment
  Intimate Apparel Vs Women’s Apparel - Market Growth Comparison
2.3 Europe
  Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Market by Country
  Intimate Apparel Market Sales by Country
  Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Market by Segments
  2.3.1 France
  Distribution of Lingerie Sales
  Top Ten Lingerie Brands
  2.3.2 UK


3.1 Innovative Technologies and Fabrics
3.2 Retailers Launching Lingerie Lines
3.3 Focus on Lingerie Specialty Stores
3.4 Online Lingerie Showrooms
3.5 Lingerie Trends in Young Girls
3.6 Increasing Acceptance of Luxury Lingerie
3.7 German Woman – Focus on Specialized Stores
3.8 Increasing Demand for Full-busted Styles
3.9 Why Women Buy New Lingerie


European Undergarment Market Share


5.1 Victoria's Secret
  Business Strategies
  Acquisition of La Senza
  Marketing Strategy and Product Launch
  Focus on Consumers’ Desires
  PINK strategy
5.2 Maidenform Brands
  Business Strategies
  Multi-brand, Multi-channel Distribution Model
  Focus on Consumer Identification with Brands
  Expansion of International Presence
5.3 Warnaco
  Business Strategies
  Distribution Strategies
  Focus on Margins as Intimates Getting More Commoditized
5.4 Triumph
  Expansion Strategy
  Focus on Asia
  Innovative Products
5.5 Dim Branded Apparel
5.6 Chantelle Group


Top Ten Lingerie Brands in France (2006)
Lingerie Sales by Distribution Channels in France (2006)
Top Reasons for Buying New Lingerie in US
Victoria’s Secret: Store Breakup
Victoria’s Secret: Revenue Contribution by Segment
Victoria’s Secret’s Lingerie Product Launches (2001-07)
Maidenform Brands: Product Mix in Wholesale Segment (2004-06)


Global Intimate Apparel Market Size (2003-06)
Breakup of Global Intimate Apparel Market by Region (2006)
Breakup of Global Intimate Apparel Market by Segment (2006)
Global Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Market by Country (2006)
US Intimate Apparel Market by Segments (Aug 2006 – July 2007)
Intimate Apparel Vs Women’s Apparel Market Growth (2005-06)
Y-o-Y Growth in Intimate Apparel Market Segments (Q107)
European Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Market by Country (2006)
European Intimate Apparel Market Sales by Country (2006)
European Women’s Underwear & Lingerie Market by Segments (2006)
Breakdown of Underwear Preferences (2006)
European Undergarment Market Share (2006)
Warnaco Group: Sales by Channel (First Nine Months 2007)

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