Global Rubber Gloves Market: An Analysis

Date: March 1, 2012
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Global Rubber Gloves Market: An Analysis
The demand for rubber gloves has been resilient after the H1N1 pandemic in 2010. The industry is going to witness normalization in demand as there has been no major pandemic outbreak since last year. Although the industry has proved to be recession proof over the time, its growth mainly depends on the usage of gloves in medical sector.

Malaysia remains the largest worldwide producer and exporter of rubber gloves at present and exports rubber gloves to the US, European Union, Latin America, China and India. The US, which is the largest glove importer, has been seeing an uptrend in total healthcare expenditure as percentage of GDP since 2000. The UK and major European countries are experiencing similar trends, and it is expected that other countries would raise their hygiene standards eventually.

Countries like India, China and Brazil have posted an increasing demand for rubber gloves in the recent past mainly because of the rising concerns related to health and hygiene in these regions. Demand for lower-end powdered latex gloves is popular among developing countries whose end-users are more cost-conscious. Powder-free latex and nitrile gloves are preferred by developed countries namely the United States and Europe.

Latex being the major raw material required in manufacturing rubber gloves, its price fluctuation becomes critical in determining the average selling price of glove. Other issues concerning to the industry, mainly to natural rubber glove producers, are continuous high volatility in latex price, a weaker US dollar, and oversupply situation in the industry, resulting in a lower cost pass through to customers.

The report provides an analysis of the global rubber glove market. It also discusses major trends, growth drivers and potential markets for rubber glove market. The report presents the competitive structure of the industry and profiles major players in the market with a discussion of their key business strategies.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1.1 Types of Gloves
1.2 Gloves Applications


2.1 Natural Rubber
2.2 Synthetic Rubber


3.1 Global Market
  Global Demand Growth
  Cost Breakdown
3.2 Global Rubber Gloves: Export & Import
  Exports by Value & Volume
  Imports by Value & Volume
3.3 Malaysian Rubber Gloves Market
  Market Overview
  Output by Value & Volume
  Exports by Value & Region
  Major Segments


4.1 Increasing Production Capacity
4.2 Increasing Use of Nitrile Gloves
4.3 Emergence of Health Threats
4.4 Industry Consolidation


5.1 Strong Demand in Emerging Countries
5.2 Ageing World Population
5.3 Hygiene Awareness and Healthcare Regulations


6.1 Raw Material Price Fluctuation
6.2 Foreign Exchange Rate Volatility


Competitive Overview
Market Share


8.1 Top Glove
  Business Description
  Key Financials
  Business Strategies
  Gaining Profitable Share
  Balanced Product Mix
8.2 Hartalega
  Business Description
  Key Financials
  Business Strategies
  Focus on Research & Development
  More Efficient Manufacturing
  Aggressive Expansion Plan
8.3 Kossan Rubber Industries
  Business Description
  Key Financials
  Business Strategies
  Research & Development Initiatives
  Process Automation & Optimization


9.1 Market Forecast
9.2 Forecast Methodology
  9.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  9.2.2 Correlation Analysis
  9.2.3 Regression Analysis


Rubber Glove Product Segmentation
Malaysia’s Natural & Synthetic Rubber Consumption Breakdown, 2000-2010
Global Demand for Rubber Gloves, 2000-2010
Natural Rubber Latex Price, 2011
Cost Breakdown in Producing Rubber Gloves
Global Rubber Glove Imports by Value and Quantity, 2000–2009
Global Rubber Glove Exports by Value and Quantity, 2000–2009
Rubber Gloves Production by Region, 2011
Malaysian Rubber Glove Output by Value and Quantity, 2006–2010
Malaysian Rubber Glove Exports, 2002-2010
Malaysia’s Rubber Glove Exports by Region 2002-2010
Malaysia’s Powdered and Powder Free Rubber Glove Exports, H109-H110
Malaysia’s Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber Glove Exports, H109-H110
Malaysia’s Medical and Non-Medical Glove Exports, 2009
World Rubber Gloves Production Growth & Major Disease Outbreak, 1997-2010
Worldwide Ageing Population, 1950-2050
Typical Expenditure of a Healthcare Centre
Percentage Change in Latex Price, 2009-2011
Adjusts ASPs for Top Glove, Average Latex Price and RM:US$, 2007-2010
Global Market Share of Rubber Glove Manufacturers, 2010
Glove Sector’s Market Cap Composition (% of total market cap), 2010
Top Glove Turnover, 2008-2011
Top Glove - Turnover Breakdown by Segments, 2011
Hartalega Revenue, 2008-2011
Hartalega Revenue Breakdown by Region, 2011
Kossan Revenue, 2007-2010
Kossan Revenue Breakdown by Segments, 2010
Rubber Glove Demand, 2010-2015F


Types of Glove and its Industry Usage
Nitrile vs. Natural Gloves – A Comparison
Glove’s Application and Feature
Global Natural Rubber Production and Consumption, 2000-2010
Malaysia’s Natural Rubber Production and Consumption, 2000-2010
Global Synthetic Rubber Production and Consumption, 2000-2010
Malaysia’s Synthetic Rubber Consumption, 2000-2010
Major Glove Manufacturer’s Capacity Expansion Plan, 2007-2011F
Top Rubber Glove Manufactures’ Product Mix, 2010
Dependent & Independent Variables, 2005–2010
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output
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Global Rubber Gloves Market: An Analysis
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