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Global Luggage Market Report: 2008 Edition

July 2008 | 30 pages | ID: G4B50978E0DEN
Koncept Analytics

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The global luggage market is growing with increasing population, changing travel trends and spending habits. The market is taking a turn towards brands and fashion products. China is one of the leading importers of business bags and cases but its imports have started declining from 2007. Canada is a leading market in exports of business bags and cases.

Travel and tourism are the primary drivers of luggage sales and accordingly regional and global luggage sales correlate favorably to the relative trends in airline and other forms of travel. Another factor that has a substantial influence on the luggage market is changing preferences of consumers.

Samsonite is a leading player in the worldwide luggage market. The company has expanded its reach all over the world and now looking to expand in developing countries like India. Coach has created a niche position for itself in the luxury accessories market. Its products are affordable to both value-conscious and top-end consumers.

This report focuses on the global luggage market – its segments, value, growth rate, and market trends. It undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the US and European markets, including the role of exports, imports and retail sales. It also discusses the value chain of the luggage market with a description of various distribution channels. It outlines the major players in the field of luggage manufacturing and business strategies of the major players.


Industry Classification
Product Categories


Distribution Channels for Leather Goods


3.1 Worldwide
  Market Value by Region
  Market Value by Product Categories
  Imports by Region
  Exports by Region
3.2 Major Markets
  3.2.1 United States
    Industry Statistics
    Market Value by Product Segments
    Market Volume by Product Segments
    Unit Prices for Product Categories
    Luggage Imports by Value
    Luggage Imports by Volume
    Luggage Exports by Value
    Luggage Exports by Volume
  3.2.2 European Union
  Consumption by Product Categories in Major Regions
  Germany – Market Value by Product Categories
  Production of Luggage and Accessories


4.1 Consumer Preferences Driving Luggage Market
4.2 Positive Worldwide Outlook
4.3 Indian Luggage Market Growth
4.4 Costlier Inputs Push up Moulded Luggage Price



6.1 Samsonite Corporation
  Business Strategies
  Expansion across Asia
  Extension of Non-luggage Portfolio
  Product Line Expansion
  Broad Range of Distribution Network
6.2 Coach
  Business Strategies
  Multi-Channel International Distribution
  North American Retail Stores
6.3 VIP Industries
  Significant Developments
  Entry into High-end Designer Luggage Segment
  Launch of Delsey Insect


Industry Classification
Business Bags/Cases Imports: Customs Value for All Countries (2003-08)
Business Bags/Cases Exports: FAS Value for All Countries (2003-08)
US Luggage and Leather Goods Stores Statistics (2002-06)
US Leather/Allied Product Manufacturing Statistics (2002-06)
US Travel Goods Market by Value (2003-07)
US Travel Goods Market by Volume (2003-07)
Retail Unit Price for Product Categories in US
US Luggage Exports - Top 25 Destinations by Value (2002-06)
US Luggage Exports - Top 25 Destinations by Volume (2002-06)
US Luggage Imports - Top 25 Destinations by Value (2002-06)
US Luggage Imports - Top 25 Destinations by Volume (2002-06)
Consumption by Product Category in Major EU Markets by Value
Handbag Brand of Affluent Consumers (2007)
Coach - Revenue Breakdown by Region (2005-07)
VIP Industries - Revenue Breakdown by Region (2005-07)


Distribution Channels for Leather Goods
Breakdown of Worldwide Sales by Region (2006)
Breakdown of Worldwide Sales by Product Category (2006)
Luggage and Leather Goods Stores in the US (2001-07)
Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing (2001-07)
German Travel Goods Market by Product Category (2006)
Production of Luggage and (Leather) Accessories in Germany (2001-06)
Projected Global Spending on Handbags (2006-10E)
US Premium Handbag Market Share (2006)
Samsonite – Revenue Growth (2003-07)

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