Global Eyewear Market: Focus on Contact Lenses & Sunglasses

Date: November 22, 2008
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Global Eyewear Market: Focus on Contact Lenses & Sunglasses
In the worldwide contact lens market, North America is the largest market but it is also the slowest growing. North America is followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Asia-Pacific region is growing most rapidly. Major eyewear players are targeting emerging markets such as India and China. Italian companies like Safilo Group and Luxottica Group, and US-based Viva International Group are entering emerging markets in Asia.

The demand for varifocals (compared to bifocals) is increasing, even though varifocals are four times as expensive as single vision lenses. The transition to disposable contact lenses and demand of specialty lenses is also driving market growth. Another key trend is that individuals over the age of 50-55 are larger users of photochromatic lenses compared to younger users.

The worldwide sunglass market is usually segmented by price and function and the two major price segments are premium and value. The premium segment is growing rapidly as compared to the value segment.

With consumers treating sunglasses as their fashion statement, eyewear designers are focusing on bright, multi-colored and bejeweled designs of sunglasses. Different designs of sunglasses are being developed for office, casual wear, party wear, or beach wear.

The overall contact lens industry is quite fragmented comprising of eye care practitioners, mass merchandisers and direct marketers, with eye care practitioners having the largest share of the retail market. Direct marketers of contact lenses usually conduct sales via the Internet. 1 800 Contacts is the largest players in the US followed by Coastal Contacts and Visiondirect.

The report analyzes the eyewear market in US, UK and Germany, besides providing an overall view of the worldwide market. The report provided in-depth analysis of contact lens and sunglass segments of the global eyewear market. It also profiles the major retailers and manufacturers, with a discussion of their key business strategies. The report also analyzes the major trends prevalent in the eyewear market.


Corrective Lenses
Contact Lenses


2.1 Global Eyewear Market
  Worldwide Market Value
2.2 Contact Lens Market
  Worldwide Contact Lens Market Value
  Contact Lens Market Opportunity
  Regional Markets
  US/American Market
  Germany – Potential Opportunity
  UK Contact Lens Market
2.3 Sunglasses Market
  Worldwide Sunglasses Market
  US Sunglasses Market
  European Sunglasses Market


Contact Lens – Worldwide Retail Market
Contact Lens Manufacturers
Market Share
Market Growth
German Market
UK Market


4.1 Varifocals to Replace Bifocal Lenses
4.2 Underpenetration in Emerging Markets
4.3 Move to Photochromatic Lenses
4.4 Eye/Lens Care Market
4.5 Eyewear Demographics in US
4.6 High Growth Potential of Indian Market


5.1 Luxottica Group
  Business Strategies
  Strategic Acquisitions
  Distribution Strategy
  Focus on International Expansion
5.2 Safilo Group
  Business Strategies
  Distribution Strategy
  R&D Strategy
  Restructuring Plan
5.3 Coastal Contacts
  Business Strategies
  Focused Branding
  Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Eyewear Launch
  Restructuring Strategy
5.4 1 800 Contacts
  Significant Developments
  Partnership with Wal-Mart
5.5 Vistakon
  Significant Developments
  Introduction of Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses
  Acuminder Facebook Application
5.6 Ciba Vision
  Significant Developments
  Introduction of New Air Optix Contact Lenses
  Introduction of New Corporate Identity Including New Logo
  Increase of Manufacturing Capacity
5.7 Bausch & Lomb
  Significant Developments
  Introduction of Crystalens HD Accommodating Intraocular Lens
  FDA Approval of Akreos Advanced Optics Aspheric Lens
  Refractive Surgery Joint Venture with 20/10 Perfect Vision


Global Contact Lens Market by Segment (2006-10E)
Global Contact Lens Market by Geography (2006-10E)
Global Contact Lens Market by Manufacturer (2006-10E)
Regional Contact Lens Market by Segment (2006-10E)
Global Contact Lens Market Growth (2006-10E)
UK Market for Optical Goods and Services (2003-07)
UK Spectacles Market by Type of Lens (2007)
Number of Contact Lens Wearers in UK (2003-07)
Worldwide Contact Lens Market Share (2005-09E)
Worldwide Contact Lens Market Growth by Manufacturer (2005-09E)
US Eye/Lens Care Solutions Market Share by Value (2007)
US Eye/Lens Care Solutions Market Share by Volume (2007)
Luxottica Group Retail Chains Worldwide (2006-07)
Safilo Group Revenue Breakdown by Product/Region (2007-08)
Coastal Contacts Financial Summary (2007-08)


Categorization of Corrective Lenses
Categorization of Contact Lenses
Worldwide Eyewear Wholesale Market (2006-08)
Worldwide Contact Lens Market by Region (2006)
Soft Contact Lens – CAGR by Region (2006-11)
Penetration of Contact Lens by Region (2007)
Share of People Wearing Glasses in Germany
US Sunglasses Market by Value & Volume (2006)
Worldwide Sunglasses Market by Value (2006)
Worldwide Sunglasses Market by Volume (2006)
Worldwide Sunglasses Market by Export Volume (2006)
Worldwide Sunglasses Market by Export Value (2006)
European Sunglasses Market by Volume (2006)
Contact Lenses - German Market Share (2007)
Prescription Eyewear Wearers as % of Population by Region (2007)
% of Lenses Purchased with Photochromatic Coating by Age Group (2007)
US Eyeglass Wearers by Age Group (2007)
US Eyeglass Wearers by Income Group (2006–07)
US Eyeglass Sales by Type of Lens (2007–08)
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Global Eyewear Market: Focus on Contact Lenses & Sunglasses
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