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Home Improvement Market Report: 2008 Edition

September 2008 | 38 pages | ID: G2254220196EN
Koncept Analytics

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Home improvement occupies an important role right from the point of moving into a house, or even before that, till the house is sold. This industry is greatly influenced by the housing market and by various other economic factors. Whatever repair or additions that can be done in a house are covered as the products of this industry. The repair and/or addition work can be done by the homeowners by themselves, which would come under the DIY segment, or it can be got done through contractors i.e. the professional sector.

The distribution in this industry is mainly through home improvement centers and various other types of stores. The return of various home improvement projects, like kitchen or bathroom works, varies in value and time. US and Europe are the two biggest markets in this industry, while China and Russia are the two fastest growing markets. Home Depot is the largest global player with presence in US, Canada, China and Mexico.

This report provides a global perspective of the home improvement industry, analyzing various countries like US, European countries, Canada, China and Japan. While giving an overview of the market, the report goes on to cover the factors affecting the market, the issues and trends. Lastly, the major players of this industry are also profiled.


Market Composition
Distribution Channels
Home Improvement Centers
Hardware Stores
Building Material Outlets
Discount Stores


2.1 Global Market
2.2 European Market
  2.2.1 UK Market
    Market Share
    Market Leaders
  2.2.2 French Market
    Market Value
    Market Leaders
  2.2.3 German Market
    Market Value
    Distribution Channels
2.3 Russian Market
2.4 US Market
2.5 Canada
2.6 China
2.7 Japan


3.1 Market Issues
  3.1.1 Varying Rate of Return on Home Improvements
3.2 Market Trends
  3.2.1 Using Customer Satisfaction as a Defense
  3.2.2 Helping Old and Disabled
  3.2.3 Home Retailers Targeting Women
  3.2.4 Grill Buying Trends
  3.2.5 DIY Market Impact on Other Markets


4.1 Home Depot
  Business Strategies
  Associate Engagement and motivation
  Product Innovation and Satisfying Shopping Experience
4.2 Lowe’s
  Business Strategies
  Expansion and remerchandising Strategy
  Focus on Customers
4.3 Kingfisher
  Business Strategies
  Strategic Supplier Relationship
  Steps to Sustainability
4.4 Rona
  Business Strategies
  New Store Construction
  Strategic Acquisitions



New Housing Growth in Europe by Volume (2003-07)
UK Construction Industry Output (2005-09)
UK Construction Industry Output (2005-09)
Furniture Retail Distribution by Value in Germany (2006)
Furniture Retail Distribution: Consumer Vs Professional Market (2006)
Top Home Channel Retailers Sales Split by Categories (2007)
US Top 10 Home Channel Retailers by Sales (2007)
Major DIY Players in Japan with No of stores and Market Area
DIY Sales Composition by Product Categories (2006)
Return on Home Improvement Projects
Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking


Distribution of Home Improvement Products
Components of DIY Market
Distribution Channels of Home Improvement Market
Global DIY/Home Improvement Market (2006)
Global DIY Retail Sales of Top Companies (2007)
Projected Growth Rate of Major DIY Markets (2006-09)
European Construction Market 2007
UK DIY Market Share (2007)
UK DIY Retail Sales of Top Companies (2007)
French DIY Retail Sales of Top Companies (2007)
German DIY Retail Sales of Top Companies (2007)
Canadian Hardware-Renovation Market (2007)
Grills Market Sales by Channels (2007)
DIY Impact on Table & Kitchenware Market
Home Depot - Sales/Net Profit Margin (2004-08)
Lowe’s - Sales/Net Profit Margin (2004-08)
Kingfisher - Sales/Net Profit Margin (2004-08)
Rona - Sales/Net Profit Margin (2004-08)
Forecast - US Home Improvement Market (2008-12E)

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