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China Drinking Water Market Report, 2008-2009 (Updated Version)

February 2009 | 86 pages | ID: C2025D3C75BEN

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With the improvement of living standard, the output and sales of drinking water have increased sharply in China and the market will maintain a growth at 15% in the next 5-10 years.

The drinking water can be divided into two categories: bottled water and barreled water. Bottled water shared 40% of total soft drink output in China, and it is the key study object of this report. Bottled water normally sold cross-regionally; relies to the advertising and quality; while barreled water normally sold locally, relies to the service but also the quality.

Since the year of 2000, the output of bottled water has maintained NO.1 in China’s soft drink market. Its output up 13.67% and 16.46% in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Moreover, during Jan to Jul 2008, the bottled water output achieved a growth at 30%, which was mainly contributed by the share output growth from the provinces of Guangdong, Jilin and Henan.

At present, Wahaha, MasterKong, Nongfu Spring, and C'estbon are the top four bottled water manufacturers in China. Especially, the MasterKong and Nongfu Spring achieved a sharp output growth over 50% in both of 2006 and 2007. Moreover, Wahaha and C’estbon are focus on purified water, while Nongfu Spring focuses on natural water and MasterKong focuses on mineral water. The other emerging manufacturers such as Runtian and Maling have also achieved a fast growth in recent years.

1.1 Development Course
1.2 Market Scale
1.3 Market Status Quo
1.4 Drinking Water Categories


2.1 Drinking Machine Market
2.2 Soft Drink Market
  2.2.1 Overview
  2.2.2 Supply
  2.2.3 Consumptions
2.3 Carbonated Drink Market
  2.3.1 Supply
  2.3.2 Consumptions
  2.3.3 Industrial Concentration Degree
2.4 Fruit Juice Market
  2.4.1 Supply
  2.4.2 Industrial Concentration Degree
2.5 Tea Drinks Market
  2.5.1 Supply
  2.5.2 Consumptions
  2.5.3 Industrial Concentration Degree
  2.5.4 Advertising


3.1 Bottled Water
  3.1.1 Development Course
  3.1.2 Status Quo
  3.1.3 Demand
  3.1.4 Competition Layout
  3.1.5 Development Prospect
3.2 Barreled Water
  3.2.1 Status Quo
  3.2.2 Existing Problems
  3.2.3 Replacement of Pipeline Supply
  3.2.4 Replacement of High-end Drinking Machines
  3.2.5 Development Prosepcts
  3.2.6 Barreled Water Equipment Market
3.3 Mineral Water Market
3.4 Purified Water Market
3.5 Distilled Water Market


4.1 Basic Characteristics
4.2 Consumer Investigations
4.3 Consumption of Bottled Water


5.1 Marketing Characteristics
5.2 Sales Channels
5.3 Optimization of Sales Channels


6.1 Brand Competition Layout
6.2 Regional Competition Layout of Bottled Water
6.3 Market Share Distributions
6.4 Water Market Development Prospects
6.5 In-depth Competition Analysis
  6.5.1 Scale Distribution of Drinking Water Companies
  6.5.2 Economic Type of Drinking Water Companies
  6.5.3 Losses of Drinking Water Companies
6.6 Growth Potential of Drinking Water Sector
  6.6.1 Cost Structure
  6.6.2 Profitability
  6.6.3 Solvency
  6.6.4 Operating Capability
  6.6.5 Growth Capability


7.1 Guangdong Province
  7.1.1 Market Overview
  7.1.2 Brand Competition
7.2 Zhejiang Province
7.3 Beijing
7.4 Shanghai
7.5 The Others


8.1 Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd
  8.1.1 Company Profile
  8.1.2 Water Sources
  8.1.3 Performance
8.2 Wahaha Group
8.3 Guangdong Robust Group Co., Ltd
8.4 Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp
8.5 Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co., Ltd
8.6 Jiangxi Runtian Beverage Company Limited
8.7 C'estbon Food d& Beverage (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
8.8 China Water&Drinks Inc.
8.9 Huasen Health International Group



China's Bottled Drinking Water Output, 2000-2008
Proportion of Drinking Water to Soft Drink Market in China, 1999-2007
Market Share Distribution of Drinking Machine in China , 2007
China’s Monthly Output of Soft Drinks, Jan-Sep 2009
Profit & Loss of Soft Drinks Companies in China, Q3 2008
China’s Soft Drinks Output & Its Growth, 1995-2007
Regional Soft Drink Output in China, Jan-Nov, 2007
China’s Output of Soft Drinks Relevant Products, Jan-Nov, 2007
Consumer Investigation (Where to Buy)
Consumer Investigation (How Much to Pay)
China's Carbonated Soft Drink Output, Jan-Sep 2008
Regional Carbonated Soft Drink Output in China, Jan-Nov 2007
Top 10 Carbonated Soft Drink Manufacturers in China, 2007
China’s Fruit Juice Output and Its Growth, Jan-Sep 2008
China’s Tea Drinks Output, 1999-2007
Ranking of Tea Drink Brands According to Supermarket Sales, Nov 2007
China’s Top 10 Tea Drink Producers, 2007
Regional Distribution of Drinking Water Companies in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007
China’s National Standards of Mineral Water
Drinking Water Consumer Structure in China
Consumers' Preference for Drink Water in China
Factors Affecting Consumers' Purchase Decision of Bottled Water
Consumers' Purchasing Channels of Bottled Water
Network Sales Structure of Drinking Water
Profit & Loss of Drinking Water Sector in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007
Average Cost Structure of Drinking Water Sector in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007
Profitability of Drinking Water Sector in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007
Solvency of Drinking Water Sector in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007
Bottled Drinking Water Output in Guangdong Province, 2003-2006
Bottled Drinking Water Output in Zhejiang Province, 2002-2006
Bottled Drinking Water Output in Beijing, 2002-2006
Bottled Drinking Water Output in Shanghai, 2003-2006
Bottled Drinking Water Output in Tianjin, 2003-2006
Bottled Drinking Water Output in Hainan Province, 2003-2006

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