Online Segment Driving Worldwide Movie Rental Market

Date: November 23, 2008
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Online Segment Driving Worldwide Movie Rental Market
The advent of digital entertainment has changed the face of movie rental industry. The outlook of traditional video stores has changed by adopting new technologies which help in efficient inventory management and store operations. The online DVD rental industry is driving movie rental services. Movie rental market is a part of home entertainment industry, which is again sub-categorized into physical movie rental market and digital movie rental market.

With changing consumer preferences, demand is shifting towards digital movie rental market. Also there is an ongoing trend of DVD rental kiosk and it is expected that ten percent of total US rental market would shift to Kiosks over the next three years. This automated technology provides customers with 24-hour access yet charges cheaper rates than stores. Broadband plays an important role in driving demand of online movie rental industry. Improved technologies and advent of digital distribution system are also driving demand by offering more convenience to the customers.

The movie rental market has declined in 2007 as compared to 2006, reason behind this downfall is inverse market conditions which is affecting consumer spending rate. In US spending on rental VHS and DVD is declining for the last five years.

This report covers all the aspects of movie rental industry from its innovation to development, competition and market opportunities. It gives an overview of worldwide movie rental market and a thorough analysis of US movie rental market. It starts from an overview of US media & entertainment industry and discusses home entertainment market. The report gives a complete description of the segments of movie rental market and also its sub segments. Apart from US it focuses on Europe, UK, and Australian movie rental market. The report highlights major industry trends and issues prevailing in the market. The report also profiles the major competitors and their market shares.


1.1 Home Entertainment Market
  Traditional Movie Rental Services
  Online DVD Rental Services
  No-return DVD Rental Services
1.2 Movie Rental Industry Structure
1.3 U.S. Movie Distribution Chain


2.1 Global Movie Rental Market
  Rental Market Segments


3.1 US Media Industry
  Home Entertainment Industry
3.2 Movie Rental Market
  Market Value
3.3 Movie Rental Market Components
  3.3.1 Physical Movie Rental Market
    Is-store Rental Market
    Vending Market
    By-mail Rental Market
  3.3.2 Digital Movie Rental Market
    Cable video-on-demand Market
    Digital VOD Market
    Subscription VOD Market


4.1 Europe
  VHS and DVD Rental Market Value
4.2 UK Movie Rental Market
  4.2.1 Entertainment Industry in UK
  4.2.2 UK Video and DVD Market
    Retail Video & DVD Market
    Rental Video & DVD Market
  4.2.3 Total Home Entertainment Market in UK


5.1 Recent Industry Performance
5.2 Industry Outlook


6.1 Market Trends
  Rental to Lead Over-the-Top Online Video Pay Market
  DVD and Video Game Packaging
  DVD Rental Kiosk Industry
  Most Advanced Video ATM in the Market
6.2 Growth Drivers
  Broadband Connections Driving Demand of Online Movie Rental
  Improved Technologies - Digital Distribution of Video
  DVD Driving Film Rental Market
  DVD Player Penetration
6.3 Issues
  Threat from On-Demand Pay per View
  Piracy Affecting Film Rental Industry
  Need of Library System


7.1. Movie Rental Market Share
7.2 Competitors Overview


8.1 Blockbuster
  Business Strategies
  Integration and Product Differentiation
  Movie Rental Pricing and Stocking Strategies
  New Store Formats
8.2 Netflix
  Business Strategies
  Grow a Large DVD Subscription Business
  Comprehensive Library of Titles
  Personalized Merchandising
  Scalable Business Model
  Content Acquisition
8.3 Hollywood/Movie Gallery
  Business Strategies
  Merger of Movie Gallery and Hollywood
  Aggressive Expansion Plan


Movie Rental and Retail Market Value Forecast
Movie Rental Market Segments Forecast


VHS & DVD Spending (1981-2006)
Internet Users in US (2006-07)
Operational Comparison - Top 3 DVD Subscription Services
Comparable Subscription Packages of Major Competitors
Australian Rental Market - Key Statistics (2007)
UK Video & DVD Rental and Retail Markets by Value (2007-09E)


Movie Rental Industry Structure
Movie Distribution Chain
Worldwide Box Office Revenues (2001-07)
Rental Market Segments (2007)
No. of Movies Released in US (2001-07)
US Home Entertainment Industry by Segments (2007)
US Movie Rental/Retail Market (2006-07)
US Movie Rental Market Components (2007)
US Physical Movie Rental Market (2006-08E)
US In-store Rental Market (2006-08E)
US Vending Market Value (2006-08E)
US By-mail Rental Market (2006-08E)
US Digital Movie Rental Market (2006-08E)
US Digital Movie Rental Market Segments (2006-08E)
US Cable Video-on-demand Segment (2006-08E)
US DVD Rental Consumer Spending (2003-07)
Number of Video Rental Outlets in Europe (1999-2006)
VHS and DVD Rental Market in Europe – Trade Level (1999-2006)
VHS and DVD Rental Market in Europe – Consumer Level (1999-2006)
UK Retail DVD & Video Market (2005-09E)
UK Rental DVD & Video Market (2005-09E)
Home Entertainment Market by Segments in UK (2007)
Australian Video Rental Industry Revenue and Growth (2007-13E)
Household Growth; Internet vs. Broadband vs. DVD in US (2003-07)
DVD Statistics (2003-07)
DVD Player and VCR Penetration in US (2003-07)
Rental Market Share by Companies (2007)
Online by-mail Rental Market by Companies (2007)
Blockbuster Sales and Assets (2003-07)
Netflix Sales and Assets (2003-07)
Movie Gallery Revenue by Geography (2007)
Estimated Home Entertainment Industry by Segments in US (2008)
US Movie Rental and Retail Market Value (2007-08E)
Estimated Movie Rental Market Components in US (2008)
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Online Segment Driving Worldwide Movie Rental Market
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