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Financial Leasing Industry Report (China)

December 2007 | 76 pages | ID: F18E144B35BEN

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The report aims to serve for financial leasing companies and investors to invest financial leasing industry. It analyzes the operation of financial leasing industry in 2006 specifically, and forecasts its development in 2007. It has five parts, and main viewpoints are as the following:

Financial leasing, which can be called equipment leasing as well, was a new trade form born in the USA in 1950s. Now, it has become one of the main financing means for companies to renew the equipment. The main function of financing leasing is financing and promotion. The former is mentioned from the role of leaser, and the latter, service supplier.

Financial leasing has become the mainstream finance tool only after the bank credit in the west developed countries now. In addition, as it is said that nearly 1/3 of investment in the world is finished by financial leasing, which has become one of top five pillars, taking the same important position in finance as bank, insurance, trust and security.

Financial leasing industry has 27 years' history in China. It has surged up three investment waves till now. The first wave was financial investment introduced to China in the early stage of reform and opening-up, the second was the financial leasing reorganization of non-banking financial organization after China's entry into WTO, and the third was originated in the end of 2004. Ministry of Commerce and State Administration of Taxation carried out trial work on domestic-funded enterprises engage in the financial leasing.

The sum of financial leasing contract signed by 24 pilot companies in 14 provinces and municipalities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang etc amounted to RMB 6.57 billion in 2006. The profit reached RMB 135 million, and tax imposed was RMB 62.05 million. Its business covers many industries, such as equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, power, medical care, printing, aviation, railway, urban public transportation, etc. This not only promoted the development of financial leasing directly, improved the social recognition of financial leasing, but also brought about the flourish of relative industries and local economy.

China develops fast these years. Its growth ranks the world top level. But with regards to factors that push economy forward, China leasing industry contributes very little to Chinese economy development, far less than the developed countries to be exactly. Therefore China leasing industry still has a long way to go. Although bottleneck such as credit, concept, policy and environment challenges domestic leasing industry, we still forecast that the industry will develop fast with the rapid growth of economic.
1 Environment of Industry Policy

1.1 Prescription of Problems on Supreme People's Court Cognizance Financing Leasing Contract Dispute
1.2 Measures for the Administration of Finance Leasing Companies
1.3 Measures for Approval of Foreign Investment and Leasing Companies
1.4 Notice of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation on Relevant Issues concerning Sales Tax
1.5 Administrative Measures for Construction Machinery Lease Industry
1.6 Notice of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation on Relevant Issues concerning Undertaking Financing Lease Business

2 Overall Operation of Financial Leasing Industry, 2006

2.1 Development Course in China
2.2 Financial Leasing of Financial Organizations

3 Financial Leasing by Business

3.1 Medical Equipment Leasing
3.2 Engineering Machinery Leasing
3.3 Printing Equipment Leasing
3.4 Aviation Leasing
3.5 Real Estate Financial Leasing
3.6 Automobile Financial Leasing
3.7 Innovating Products
3.7.1 Trust Plan
3.7.2 Finance Leasing with Investment Objective of Finance Investment
3.7.3 Blanket Financial Leasing Plan

4 Key Companies

4.1 By Company Types
4.1.1 Financial Leasing Company
4.1.2 Sino-foreign Joint Venture
4.1.3 Exclusive Foreign-owned Company
4.1.4 Domestic-funded Company
4.2 By Business Varieties
4.2.1 Financing Leasing Company
4.2.2 Manufacturer Leasing Company
4.2.3 Service Leasing Company
4.2.4 Investment Leasing Company
4.3 China Leasing Co., Ltd
4.4 Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd
4.5 Shenzhen Financial Leasing Co., Ltd
4.6 Zhejiang Leasing Co., Ltd
4.7 International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd
4.8 Deutsche Leasing (China) Co., Ltd
4.9 Beijing Zoomlion XinXing Construction Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd

5 Future Development of Industry

5.1 Market Prospect
5.2 Current Bottleneck Restricting Financial Leasing Development
5.3 Risk and Countermeasures for Financial Leasing Companies


Leasing Trading Volume of Sino-foreign Joint Venture in Past Years
Leasing Trading Volume of Non-banking Financial Organizations in Past Years
China Leasing Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Financial Leasing Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Leasing Co., Ltd
International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd
Deutsche Leasing (China) Co., Ltd
Beijing Zoomlion XinXing Construction Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd

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