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China ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) Market Report, 2008

August 2008 | 72 pages | ID: C5CE87E901FEN

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By the end of 2007, the number of networked ATM machines has reached 123,000 units in China, where the compound average growth rate of ATM machines was 20.22% in the past five years, and meanwhile China's total number of ATM machines has reached 138.000 units. The number of ATM machines per million of people in China rose to 96 units in 2007 from 75 units in 2005. Compared with the world's average number of 240 ATM machine per million of people, China's ATM market is still in a period of rapid growth, and has a large space for development.

In 2007, cash recycling system had the rapidest growth, and its market share increased to 35.90% from 10% in 2006 in ATM market. With social-economic development, people are no longer satisfied with ATM, by which they can only withdraw money, and they hope they can deposit cash easily by ATM. Especially with the fast growth in use of credit cards in recent years, many credit card holders hope that they can repay by ATM. Therefore, banks are requested to install more cash recycling systems. It is forecasted that cash recycling system market will continue to grow rapidly in 2008.

In 2007, ATM market was still dominated by foreign companies like Diebold, NCR and Wincor Nixdorf. However, the market has begun inclining to local ATM machines gradually. Some local brands, for instance, such as GRGBanking and KingTeller have developed rapidly recently. In 2007, China's brands took up more than 30% of total ATM market, a big rise from 20% posted in 2006.

ATM market has high market entry barriers in terms of technology and funds. With its advantages in client resources and channels of banks, Hengbao in cooperation with LG started to enter ATM industry in 2007 and is expected to grab a certain market shares starting from 2009, when GRGBanking, KingTeller and Hengbao will be the key local ATM manufacturers in the market.

The report is based on the authoritative statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the China UnionPay, the China Banking Association, the People's Bank of China and the State Information Center, as well as information from Tremont Capital Group, NBR and ATMIA.


1.1 Current status of ATM industry
  1.1.1 Overview of China ATM industry
  1.1.2 Characteristics of ATM industry
  1.1.3 Factors to promote the development of ATM industry
  1.1.4 Factors to restrict the development of ATM industry
1.2 Upstream and downstream sector of ATM industry
  1.2.1 Upstream sector
  1.2.2 Downstream sector
1.3 Technical features and development trend of ATM
  1.3.1 Technical features
  1.3.2 Technical development trend


2.1 Global ATM market
  2.1.1 History of Global ATM market
  2.1.2 Current status and development trend of global ATM market
2.2 American ATM market development
2.3 Foreign ATM market operation modes


3.1 Overview of China ATM market
  3.1.1 Characteristics of China ATM market
  3.1.2 Development trend of China ATM market
3.2 China ATM market size
3.3 Competition pattern of China ATM market
3.4 Analysis of China ATM operation


4.1 Anxun (Beijing) Banking Equipment System Co., Ltd.
4.2 Diebold
4.3 Oki Electric Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
4.4 GRGBanking
4.5 Mercuries System Equipment(Nanjing)Ltd.
4.6 Guangzhou KingTeller Technology Co.,Ltd.
4.7 Hengbao


5.1 Risks
  5.1.1 Market risks
  5.1.2 Technical risks
  5.1.3 Policy risks
  5.1.4 Other risks
5.2 Opportunities
  5.2.1 Market opportunity
  5.2.2 Industry opportunity
  5.2.3 Policy opportunity
5.3 Investment strategies
  5.3.1 Market entry barriers
  5.3.2 Conclusions and views


Total Number & Growth Rates of ATM in China
Comparison of ATM Quantity per Million of People between Nations, 2007
Market Share of Main ATM Manufacturers in China, 2007
Main Manufacturers Corresponding to Upstream Modules
Statistics and Forecast of Global ATM Quantity & Growth Rates, 2003-2009
Geographical Distribution of Global ATM Market, 2007
Top 4 Nations in Terms of ATM Quantity in 2007(Europe Included)
Number of Newly Added ATM in Top 4 Nations, 2006-2011
Memorabilia of American ATM Development
The First ATM Installed in Rockwell Branch, Chemical Banking Corp. Provided by Docutel
American ATMs Produced by NCR,1970s
Total Number of ATM in the United Stated in Different Periods
Total Number and ISO Volume of ATM in the U.S., 2005-2007
Geographical Distribution of ATMs in the U.S., 2007
Memorabilia of China ATM Development
Total Number & Annual Increase of China Cash Recycling Systems, 2005-2007
Market Shares of China's Main CRS Manufacturers, 2005-2007
Total Number and Annual Increase of Networked ATM in China
Total Number and Annual Increase of ATM in China, 2005-2007
Market Shares of China's Main ATM Manufactures, 2006-2007
Profiting Mode of ATM Operation Cooperation
Profiting Mode of ATM Operation of Financial Leasing
Domestic ATM Operators in China
Comparison of Bank ATM and Non-bank ATM, 2006
NCR Memorabilia
Comparison of NCR Sales Revenue and ATM Revenue, 2004-2007
Sales Revenue from ATM of NCR, 2004-2007
NCR's Market Shares in China, 2005-2007
NCR's Main Products
Diebold Memorabilia
Global Sales of Diebold, 2000-2008
Main Products of Diebold
GRGBanking Memorabilia
GRGBanking's Main Business Revenue & Growth Rate Forecast, 2004—2010
GRGBanking's ATM Sales Volume and Revenue, 2005—2010
GRGBanking's ATM Operation Revenue, 2006—2010
GRGBanking's Market Share in China, 2003—2008
Memorabilia of Mercuries System Equipment(Nanjing)Ltd.
Main Products of Mercuries System Equipment(Nanjing)Ltd.
Main Clients of Mercuries System Equipment(Nanjing)Ltd.
KingTeller Memorabilia
KingTeller's Main Business Revenue & Growth Rate Forecast, 2004—2009
KingTeller's Total Number of Installed ATM Machines, 2004—2007
Comparison of KingTeller ATM Operation & ATM Sales Margin, 2004—2007
KingTeller's Main Partners in Operation Cooperation
KingTeller's Main Partners in Financial Leasing
KingTeller's Main Products
Hengbao Memorabilia
Hengbao's Main Business Revenue & Growth Rate Forecast, 2005—2010
Distribution of Main Revenue of Hengbao, 2007
Comparison of Core Competitiveness between Hengbao, GRGBanking & KingTeller
Comparison of Expected Business of Hengbao, GRGBanking and KingTeller, 2008

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