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European Union Market Reports Package 2019

European Union Market Reports Package is a useful source of information about the range of European Union markets. It provides our Clients with a clear understanding of market current state and future development, assists and strengthens the decision-making processes.


  • The report contains an in-depth analysis of the European Union market for the product, covering EU total and local markets.
  • It provides current statistics, historical background and future forecast.
  • All-inclusive market characteristics are given through data on production, consumption, prices, and trade statistics (EU total and by country). The 2010-2015 periods are included.
  • The report presents profiles of leading EU producers and the list of major suppliers.
  • European consumers are briefly overviewed as well.
  • Market prospects to 2020 are given (incl. trends in consumption, production and prices).

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The report package includes the following:

Mineral Products

Articles of Stone, Asbestos, Mica and Similar

Metal Ores and Concentrates

Cement and Concrete and Articles Thereof

Ceramic Wares

Refractory Products

Glass and Glasswares

Non-Ferrous Metals

Copper and Articles Thereof

Tools and Implements of Base Metal

Iron and Steel Products