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MarketPublishers.com is happy to inform that seven insightful market research studies on pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets prepared by MP Advisors have been added to its catalogue.

Purchased simultaneously, the reports will provide a reader with in-depth understanding of the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology market performance. Besides, we will give a 25% discount to anyone who is willing to buy all reports together.

Each report costs USD 2,000. Please note that the Global Rising Stars Outlook 2015 includes India Rising Stars Outlook 2015 as a part of the report.

A full price of the package is USD 12,000, while the discounted one is USD 9,000.

A list of the research studies included in the offer can be found below.

An independent company with approximately 20 years of experience, MP Advisors is renowned for its unrivalled expertise in exploration of investment opportunities in the field of healthcare.

If you need any additional information or if you would like to acquire the reports, please, contact Alison, our Sales Manager. You can give her a call at +44 208 144 6009 or reach her by email.

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Global Engineers Files Sales Market Report Forecast 2017 to 2022 US$ 3,800.00

... supply and demand scenarios Quantifying market opportunities through market sizing and market forecasting Tracking current trends/opportunities/ ... business decisions by having complete insights of market and by making in-depth analysis of market segments It provides distinctive graphics and exemplified ...

Aug, 2017 102 pages
Sri Lanka Pharma Market Outlook 2015: More Beyond Importers & Distributors US$ 2,000.00

... India’s export of pharma products in 2013 amounted to $13bn, where as Sri Lanka was nil. Hence, pharma industry offers a very valuable opportunity for Sri Lanka to diversify its manufacturing ...

Jan, 2015 29 pages
Mature Biotech Outlook 2015: New Therapy Ventures Pave the Way for Success US$ 2,000.00

... biotech companies - Gilead (GILD), Amgen (AMGN), Biogen Idec (BIIB) and Celgene (CELG), in past year, have given a positive return and hence increased the interest of biotech ...

Jan, 2015 90 pages
Japan Pharma Outlook 2015: 2015 –Year to Watch Out for Authorized Generics (AGs), Biosimilars and Overseas Strategic Initiatives US$ 2,000.00

... generic companies in queue to compete with their generic versions will make the things lucid for the fate of AG’s in Japan. For most of the generic ... likely near term changes of Japanese pharma industry. In innovation space, after ... /new launch, Edoxaban, Lenvatinib, Entyvio, Brintellix, and Ixazomib are the few ...

Jan, 2015 153 pages
India Rising Stars Outlook 2015: Traditionally Innovation and Drug Discovery Had Taken a Back Seat in the Indian Pharma Industry with a Few Blips Here and There US$ 1,000.00

... Innovation and drug discovery had taken a back seat in the Indian pharma industry with a few blips here and there. However, there ... 2-3 years thereby rewarding their investors. . In this Outlook we have initiated coverage on Connexios, Bugworks, Cellworks, Tergene and hope that soon we will be able to expand ...

Jan, 2015 22 pages
India Pharma Outlook 2015: Accelerating Growth to the Next Level: Moving up the Value Chain Beyond Generics US$ 2,000.00

... healthcare. Sun Pharma acquisition of troubled Ranbaxy helped it to become the leading Indian pharma company in terms of domestic market share. Sun ... manufacturing units. Indian companies are taking center stage in Complex Generics ...

Feb, 2015 109 pages
Global Rising Stars Outlook 2015: Innovative Therapies for Treating Diseases are Being Sought after with Fresh Vigor as New Targets US$ 2,000.00

Innovative Therapies for treating diseases ... in keeping pace with the development of new medicines. The Regenerative medicine Universe is large and new companies are being added ... Criteria for Our Selection are:- Uniqueness of the Technology platform and the ability to scale up commercially in case of positive ...

Jan, 2015 72 pages
Global Pharma US & EU Outlook 2015: First –In- Class Innovations and Cost Optimization Plays Major Role In Shaping Up Business for Large Cap Pharmaceutical Companies US$ 2,000.00

... anti-PD1, anti-PCSK9 and CDK inhibitors have also got exclusive attention by large cap Pharma ... major role in swapping the non-core business among major pharma including Vaccines, OTC and animal health to improve margins. Global Pharma ...

Jan, 2015 63 pages
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