“New Business Opportunities in Asian BIPV Markets” Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

18 Feb 2011 • by Natalie Aster
“New Business Opportunities in Asian BIPV Markets” Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

LONDON – The larger Asian countries have active programs to promote “green” energy. China is one of the few countries in the world to have a PV subsidy program that specifically advantages BIPV. Japan has also been friendly to BIPV in the past and was one of the first countries to make extensive use of an early version of this technology.

New market research report “New Business Opportunities in Asian BIPV Markets” elaborated by NanoMarkets LC provides a complete analysis of the market opportunities for BIPV in this region, including a country-by-country market forecast. The report also profiles the strategies of Asia-based PV firms that are specifically targeting the BIPV space with their products.

The report focuses on the following nations: India, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, which is where the main opportunities for BIPV will be. And it also examines the potential for BIPV in other Asian countries such as Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Report Details:

Title: New Business Opportunities in Asian BIPV Markets

Published: March, 2011

Price: US$ 2,695.00

Report Contents:

E.1 Opportunities for suppliers/manufacturers of BIPV Products
E.2 BIPV opportunities for the Asian construction industry
E.3 Opportunities in the Asian BIPV supply chain
E.5 Companies to watch in the Asian BIPV business
  E.5.1 Opportunities for new entrants
E.6 Summary of eight-year forecasts

Background to this report
Objectives and scope of this report
Methodology of report
Profile of report

2.1 Introduction
  2.1.1 The PV market in Asia
  2.1.2 How BIPV fits into the Asian PV market
2.2 Major driving factors for BIPV markets in Asia
  2.2.1 Regulatory factors favouring BIPV
  2.2.2 Construction industry factors favouring BIPV
  2.2.3 Other factors
2.3 Factors slowing down BIPV markets in Asia
  2.3.1 Cost factors
  2.3.2 Economic factors
  2.3.3 Other factors
2.4 Major Asian research institutes and universities working on BIPV

More information on the report may be found at https://marketpublishers.com/report/industry/construction/new_business_opportunities_in_asian_bipv_markets.html

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