CHILDWISE Special Report - Digital Lives 2010

11 Oct 2010 • by Natalie Aster
CHILDWISE Special Report - Digital Lives 2010

LONDON – MarketPublishers Ltd announces that new report “CHILDWISE Special Report - Digital Lives 2010" authored by CHILDWISE is available in its catalogue.

This research report explores the ways in which children behave online, and their attitudes and expectations, to provide a detailed picture of children’s lives. The report combines statistical data and qualitative exploration, to give an up-to-the minute guide to children’s behaviour. Its focus spreads over social networking and gaming, webspace games, spending money online and children’s and parents’ views upon the issues raised.

Report Details

Title: CHILDWISE Special Report - Digital Lives 2010
Published: September, 2010
Pages: 85

Report Sample Abstract on Social Gaming

For younger children, social gaming sites such as Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters offer a safe online environment where they can interact with others, designing their own avatar (eg penguin, monster, cartoon person), communicating with others, and carrying out quests and activities. These sites have aspects in common with social networking sites and with online games, and are a clear growth area.

Data from the CHILDWISE Monitor 2009-10 indicates that 44% of all 7-16 year olds have ever visited any of the main social gaming sites, and 20% are current users. Among the core target age range, 7-10 year olds, more than half have ever visited (56%), and almost one in three claim to use currently (31%). Current involvement drops off sharply from age 11, although many will have visited in the past.

The main site is Club Penguin – 30% of all 7-16s have ever visited the site, rising to 39% of 7-10s, with 22% of this age group using currently. MyCbbc has 12% current users among 7-10s.

Whilst these sites are popular, they do not have the breadth of reach that Facebook and msn enjoy among older children, and the age span that they appeal to is far tighter. There are relatively few users below the age of seven, and by age 11, many have moved on.

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