Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions and Market Opportunities

09 Sep 2010 • by Natalie Aster
Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions and Market Opportunities

In the time of tough telecommunications competition, mobile network operators are looking for innovative ways to create more variety and increase profits. Personalized services is the most powerful tool for the operators today with Location Based Services (LBS) being one of the most efficient ways to personalize mobile services.

LBS are growing in popularity and offer vast opportunities for entrepreneurs nowadays. Regionally North America is the largest market for LBS due to mobile operators’ strong efforts in navigation services and family-safety solutions. Navigation, local search and "friend finder” are currently the most popular applications in Western Europe. Japanese market indicates strong signs of growth. It is notable that the global market experiences steady growth with even more technologically advanced applications and services coming on stage in the near future.

New market report package “Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions and Market Opportunities” elaborated by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC is a most comprehensive research covering the market for Location Based Services (LBS) solutions and market opportunities.

The report package “Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions and Market Opportunities” covers cellular mobile location determination and related services as well as other location methods such as RFID. It includes research that covers market opportunities, company analysis, solution analysis, emerging opportunities, market verticals, and more.

Report Package Details:

Title: Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions and Market Opportunities
Published: September, 2010

The report package encompasses the following market studies:

  • E911 and NG 911: Expanding Intellectual Property Beyond Emergencies
  • Google in LBS: Location-based Advertising Patent
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Applied-Use: A Comparative Analysis
  • Mobile Wallet: Location-based Commerce and Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • Peer-to-peer Location-based Mobile Services: Local Social Mobile Applications Beyond the Hype
  • The Definitive Guide to Location-based Services
  • The Definitive Guide to Personal Area Networks
  • Real-time Location Services (RTLS): Applications, Services and Company Analysis
  • RFID: Scope, Viability and Company Analysis
  • The Definitive Guide to RFID
  • Wireless Sensor Network Solutions with Case Analysis of Asia Pac Market
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB): Technology, Applications, and Solutions
  • Deploying a RFID Solution: Practical Case Studies and Business Plan
  • More reports from the repost package in question may be found at https://marketpublishers.com/report/technologies_electronics/telecommunications/location_based_services_lbs_solutions_n_market_opportunities.html

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