DSM Announces Start Up of Wet Polyester, Specialty Resins Plant in Germany

29 Jan 2010 • by Natalie Aster

Royal DSM N.V. has started up a new plant for the production of wet polyesters and other specialty resins at the existing site of DSM NeoResins in Meppen (Germany) at an investment outlay of €15 mln. Further expansion of capacity is possible in the future. With the new plant DSM NeoResins reinforces its strong position in the fast growing and important markets such as metal packaging (can), pre-painted metal (coil), specialty decorative markets, specialty adhesives, graphic arts and industrial wood.

The opening of the new plant is the latest in a series of investments in additional production capacity by DSM on the Meppen site. Over the last twenty years DSM has invested €60 mln in the site, transforming it into a multipurpose specialty resin site. In Meppen, DSM produces a wide variety of resins, including waterborne and solvent borne polyesters, urethanes, acrylics, alkyds and epoxy esters.

Source: Plastemart

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