USA Organic Fertilizer Market is Relatively Open

12 Apr 2010 • by Natalie Aster
USA Organic Fertilizer Market is Relatively Open

The organic fertilizer business is relatively new, highly fragmented, under-capitalized and growing rapidly. Representing a tiny share of the fertilizer market in the U.S., demand for organic products is growing along with that for organic foods and other items.

USA is an important fertilizers importer. In 2008 US imported $25.3 million or 36.1 thous. mt of organic fertilizers. The import share of the market accounted for 42%. Main countries-suppliers are the neighboring countries: Canada and Mexico (67%) and Peru (12%).

10% annual growth is estimated for the organic fertilizer market, twice the projected growth for all lawn and garden goods. Total organic lawn and garden market valued approximately $400 million. In spite of world economic crisis organic fertilizer industry keeps growing apart synthetic fertilizer industry, this fell 7%.

The experts see this market as relatively open, with a diverse customer base and relatively few large players.

More information on Organic Fertilizer Market in USA can be found in “Organic Fertilizer Market in United States: Business Report” recently released at

Source: MarketPublishers, Ltd.