Bioplastics: Global Market Expected to Reach 900,000 t in 2013

07 Dec 2010 • by Natalie Aster

Concerns about climate change and future supplies of petrochemical raw materials are helping to drive up the consumption of bioplastics. Global demand for bioplastics is expected to rise four-fold to 900,000 t, valued at USD 2.6 bn, in 2013, according to Freedonia.

The expected continuation of high oil and natural gas prices would allow bioplastics to become more cost-competitive compared with petroleum-based resins, Freedonia says. In theory, up to 90% of today's polymer consumption could be replaced by bio-based alternatives, according to a study commissioned by European Bioplastics and the European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence.

Source: Pudaily


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