New Polyethylene for Flexible Packaging Applications

27 Oct 2010 • by Natalie Aster

A new polyethylene (PE) resin for potential use in a wide range of customer blown film applications has been commercially launched by LyondellBasell Industries.The new Lupolen GX 4081 grade features a superior balance of mechanical properties, and a unique combination of stiffness and toughness that offers significant downgauging potential, up to double digits, for numerous flexible packaging applications. Produced using LyondellBasell's Spherilene gas phase process technology that employs a unique catalysis system, the resin exhibits a melt flow rate of 1.4 g/10min and a density of 0.935 g/cm?. Tests have shown that films produced with resins can achieve a dart drop impact of 330 grams, measured on 50µm film. This high level of toughness represents a new benchmark in performance for medium density PE used in film applications. "Thanks to the expertise of our researchers, we've developed a high-performance PE using the Spherilene process technology which shows smooth processability and a broad processing window on our blown film processing lines," said Andernach. "Lupolen GX 4081 resins can be easily blended with standard LDPEs. The application potential for Lupolen GX 4081 resins is wide, ranging from agricultural and industrial film to food packaging film." Mechanical tests show that film produced out of Lupolen GX 4081 resins achieve well balanced mechanical properties in machine and cross direction. "Our customers can take further advantage of improved optical properties," said Andernach. "According to our tests of film made on our blown film extrusion line, the haze value could be reduced by about half compared to conventional MDPE film resins."

Film produced using the new resin shows a low coefficient of friction (CoF), offering easy processability on film conversion equipment without the need for slipping and antiblocking agents. The new grade also exhibits good bubble stability and a low gel level.



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