The Future of Polyethylene (PE) in China

Date: May 23, 2007
Pages: 150
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The Future of Polyethylene (PE) in China
The aim of this report is to provide basic understanding to the Chinese PE industry. This report has discussed PE industry in China from aspects of production, import & export, manufacturers, consumption in an exhausting effort. Thereof, indepth analysis is carried out on PE consumption. Based on the the apparent consumption in 2004 and 2005, the application fields is found out, as well as their consumption volume. The future of PE industry in China is another emphasis besides consumption. Forecast on the futuer of PE industry is made based on the production, import&export, consumption as well as interviews with experts within this industry. All the active manufacturers, potential producers and top 10 end users are profiled.

Executive Summary
Introduction & Methodologies



II-1 Chinese Supply - Competitiveness Landscape
  II-1.1 Summary of Producers
  II-1.2 Summary of Chinese Production
  II-1.3 Major Specifications
    II-1.3.1 Summary of HDPE
    II-1.3.2 Summary of LDPE
    II-1.3.3 Summary of LLDPE
  II-1.4 New PE Projects in China and current situation of PE equipments overhauling
  II-1.5 Foreign Involvement in Chinese Production
  II-1.6 Some Factors Influencing the PE Production in China
  II-1.7 Some Difficulties for PE Production in China

II-2 Raw Materials Supply Status
  II-2.1 Situation of Ethylene
  II-2.2 Situation of Butene
  II-2.3 Situation of Hexene
  II-2.4 Situation of Other Major Raw Materials

II-3 Pricing of PE in China
  II-3.1 Pricing of PE in the Past (for major specifications)
  II-3.2 Factors for the Price Changes in China

II-4 Import and Export Analysis in the Last Three Years
  II-4.1 Import Analysis
  II-4.2 Export Analysis
  II-4.3 Active Chinese Traders for PE Import & Export in China
  II-4.4 Position of Foreign Companies in China
  II-4.5 Changes of PE supply structure in China

II-5 Chinese Demand & Consumption Patterns
  II-5.1 Market Size in Major End Use Segments
    II-5.1.1 In Film Products
    II-5.1.2 In Plastic Injection Products
    II-5.1.3 In Hollow Container Products
    II-5.1.4 In Other Fields
  II-5.2 List of Major End Users
  II-5.3 Chinese Consumption Characters & Discussion
  II-5.4 Key Factors Influencing the Mass Consumption of PE in China
  II-5.5 Demand for PE in China & Future Growing Points/Sections


III-1 Historic PE Technology Trends
III-2 Different Pathways/Methods in China
III-3 Technology Status in China
  III-3.1 Summary of Technologic Progress
  III-3.2 Progress in Grafting Modification of PE
  III-3.3 Progress in Cross-Linking Modification of PE
  III-3.4 Comparison of Chinese Technology and Oversea Technology
  III-3.5 Chinese Debottlenecking of Technology
  III-3.6 Development Trend of Technology in China
III-4 Domestic Research Status


IV-1 Key Factors and Driving Forces for the Development of PE in China
IV-2 Industrial Comments for PE Industry in China
IV-3 Role of Government Playing in the PE Industry
IV-4 PE Future Forecast to Next 5-10 Years - Supply, Demand


V-1 Profile of Active Producers in China
V-2 Profile of Potential Producers in China
V-3 Profile of 10 Major End Users in China"


Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical, Shanghai Secco Petrochemical, Shandong Qilu Petrochemical, Jilin Petrochemical, Jiangsu Yangzi Petrochemical

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The Future of Polyethylene (PE) in China
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