World Industrial Diamond Consumption will Continue to Increase.

23 Jul 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Diamond is best known as a gemstone, but some of its unique properties make it ideal for many industrial and research applications as well. Diamond that does not meet gem-quality standards for clarity, color, shape, or size is used as industrial-grade diamond.

Both synthetic and natural diamonds have industrial uses. Synthetic industrial diamond is superior to its natural diamond counterpart because its properties can be tailored to specific applications, and it can be produced in large quantities. These are the reasons that synthetic diamond accounts for about 88% of the industrial diamond used in the world.

Industrial diamond is produced in 31 countries. Total industrial diamond output worldwide was estimated to be about 645 million carats. Congo (Kinshasa) is the leading producing country, followed by Australia and Russia. These three countries produced more than 73% of the world’s natural industrial diamond.

World industrial diamond consumption will continue to increase. Constant dollar prices of synthetic diamond products, including CVD diamond films, will decline as production technologies become more cost effective and as competition increases from low-cost producers in China and Russia.

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