Glacial Acrylic Acid Demand Will be Increasing at 2%/Year Mainly due to the SAPs Market Growth

09 May 2010 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON-Since late last year, Acrylic acid market has been facing tough conditions. Asian glacial acrylic acid and acrylate esters markets witnessed a downtrend, downturn continued in the European market that remained oversupplied. Rapidly decreasing demand from downstream markets was typical for US.

The situation is expected to change in the second half of 2009 - the beginning of 2010. Firm demand is forecast for the acrylic acid derivatives. Demand for glacial acrylic acid is expected to increase at about 2%/year, due to the growth in super-absorbent polymers(SAPs). The demand for commodity acrylates will grow at 3.7%/year. Demand for SAPs used in hygienic products is prospected to grow 5-7%/y in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Mideast. Japanese SAP manufacturers are the main drivers of the global SAPs.

More detailed overview of Acrylic acid market, its tendencies and perspectives can be found in the report Acrylic acid: 2009 World Market Outlook and Forecast recently released by Merchant Research and Consulting.


  • Acrylic acid World outlook (Capacity, Production, Consumption, Prices, Global trade, Projects)
  • Acrylic acid Regional analysis (by country)
  • Acrylic acid Market perspective (Capacity, Production, Consumption, Prices, till 2015)
  • Acrylic acid Suppliers (incl. contact details) and leading producers’ profiles.

The report was worked out regarding the current economic situation caused by financial crisis. Market trends and expectations were reconsidered with respect to the present conditions.


Acrylic acid: 2009 World Market Outlook and Forecast

The report ‘Acrylic acid: 2009 World Market Outlook and Forecast’ is a part of Alkohols, Acids and Esters Reports Package 2009, recently completed by Merchant Research & Consult-ing. Besides Acrylic acid market research, the Package provides analysis of main petro-chemical intermediates markets including:

Alcohols (Ethanol, Monoethylene glycol, Methanol, Propylene glycol)
Acids (Acetic acid, Adipic acid)
Esters (Ethylene oxide, Propylene oxide, Ethyl acetate)



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