Autotex Provides Robust Protection for Rotalign

25 Jul 2008 • by Natalie Aster

Robust Autotex film protects keypad on innovative alignment device Autotex, the high quality textured polyester film from MacDermid Autotype, the leading European manufacturer of specialised hard coated films and chemicals, is being used to form a key component in membrane keypads made by Hoffmann + Krippner. The backlit keypads are installed in an innovative laser-optical precision alignment system, called the ROTALIGN Ultra and developed by Pruftechnik Alignment Systems.

Surveys have shown that around half of all failures in industrial machinery is due to incorrect alignment of motors, gearboxes and drive shafts. The ROTALIGN Ultra addresses this problem, making it simple for engineers to set up machinery with absolute precision, with the specially developed keypad providing an intuitive method of system control.

Pruftechnik had stringent requirements for the control unit. The alphanumeric keypad has to be able to function reliably at all times, and also be backlit, dust-proof and splash-proof to IP65, and be equipped with LEDs. "Complex solutions and individual engineering count among our strengths," explained Wolfgang Beckert, Sales Manager at Hoffmann + Krippner. "The backlit keypad was designed according to ergonomic criteria and has three types of keys: navigation, data entry, and function keys. We used Autotex from MacDermid Autotype for the membrane graphics and switch layers. The polyester based, hardcoated film was the clear choice for the high-tech application, as it offered proven durability under mechanical load, resistance to cleaning agents, scratch resistance and had an attractive appearance."

The keyboard technology developed by Hoffmann + Krippner provides excellent haptic properties even under extreme conditions. The company's latest keypad is installed on a printed circuit board and is dust-proof and splash-proof to IP65, while LEDs integrated into the keypad allow operators immediately to assess the position of the machinery being aligned.

ROTALIGN Ultra is now used in over 70 countries around the world, with the Autotex based data entry unit offering users a simple and reliable method of operating the system. Wolfgang Beckert added, "Engineering and expertise of the highest level, plus our passion for perfection, allow us to offer our customers high-quality and functional keypads they can rely on. In MacDermid Autotype, we found the ideal partner that puts the same demands on its products as we do, and shares our passion for perfection too."

Source: MacDermid Autotype