DSREV GEN 2 Rubber Extruder Welcomed by Industry

18 Mar 2008 • by Natalie Aster

Davis-Standard's DSREV GEN 2 multipurpose rubber extruder, introduced last fall, offers customers an innovative design and operational advantages. Design advantages include a pre-assembled screw and head zone direct injection temperature control units, a compact unified base, and simplified cooling and wiring systems including redesigned double-pass heaters for ease of piping and wiring. Operational advantages include an improved feed section design, updated touch screen operator controls, and maintenance-friendly access to all major components on the machine. This machine can be delivered in 10-12 weeks, which is currently the fastest in the industry for this type of extruder. Its introduction has been well received by the industry as several machines have been sold in the past few months.

"With the DSREV, we took our existing multipurpose extruder and made design modifications that improve the performance, operation, and maintenance of the machine. Customer feedback was a guiding consideration in implementing this new design," said Joe Wnuk, vice president of Davis-Standard's Elastomer Systems. "When we displayed the extruder at the Rubber Expo in October, customers were pleased with the changes. Specifically, they liked the compact footprint, touch-screen controls with intuitive programming, extra wide feed section and simplified maintenance features such as improved accessibility to the vent port."

The DSREV GEN 2 is available in sizes ranging from 1 to 10 inches (38mm to 250mm). The 3 -inch (90mm) model has been the most popular size thus far. In addition, existing Davis-Standard multipurpose extruders in the field can be upgraded with DSREV GEN 2 components. Davis-Standard has already done this for customers in the U.S. and abroad.

As with Davis-Standard's earlier multipurpose rubber extruders, the DSREV GEN 2 is well equipped for several rubber applications including automotive weather stripping, automotive and industrial hose, custom profiles, gaskets and preforms.

Source: Davis-Standard, LLC