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3 Most In-Demand Latest Studies on Chemicals & Petrochemicals Market

09 Feb 2022 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Many new cutting-edge research reports have been recently added to the Chemicals & Petrochemicals catalogue at MarketPublishers.com. These novel studies offer access to updated information on the historical and current performance of the examined markets, discuss the market dynamics and trends, uncover historical and present statistics, point out the major growth influencing factors, characterise the market competitive landscape, and outline future growth prospects, etc. Market Publishers’ experts have selected the 3 most in-demand latest reports on the Chemicals & Petrochemicals market available at MarketPublishers.com:

Propylene Oxide Market

The world’s propylene oxide market is anticipated to exhibit considerable growth in the next 4 years, encouraged by the rapidly mounting demand from the building and construction industries, robust urbanization, ongoing advancements in the healthcare industry, and increasing demand for propylene glycol, among other favourable factors. However, such challenges as enhancing concerns regarding the toxicity of propylene oxide and the wide availability of substitutes will likely restrain the propylene oxide market growth during the forecast period…

Ethylene Market 

The global demand for ethylene is anticipated to reach 202.9 million tonnes in the year 2026, increasing at a CAGR of 3.28% during 2022-2026. The growth of the ethylene demand will likely be spurred by surging sales of consumer goods, the expanding gardening industry, escalating demand for packaging, growing consumption of alcoholic beverages, and rapid urbanization, among other favourable factors. However, the ethylene market growth would be restrained by fluctuations in ethylene prices, rising concerns regarding the hazardous effects of ethylene oxide, and stringent government regulations. The US ethylene market is expected to demonstrate the highest growth rates during the forecast period, supported majorly by new capacity additions along with the installation of new ethylene crackers…

Specialty Chemicals Market 

Supported by the strong demand from numerous end-use industries along with the continued R&D, the world’s market for specialty chemicals registered sustainable growth during the past few years and crossed USD 778.5 billion in value terms in 2020. Driven by such favourable factors as constantly improving standards of living in most developing countries, rising trade liberalization, mounting demand for electronics, and ongoing advancements in process technologies, among others, the global specialty chemicals market is predicted to continue gathering traction in the next 5 years…

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