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5 Most Popular October Reports on Personal Care & Cosmetics Market

02 Nov 2020 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers’ specialists have prepared a selection of the 5 most popular research studies covering different sectors of the personal care & cosmetics industry, which were published at MarketPublishers.com in October:

Beauty Facial Masks Market

The world’s market for beauty facial masks is supposed to maintain a healthy growth trend during 2020-2027, encouraged primarily by the increasing demand from the working population for on-the-go skincare products, rising online sales, increasing investments in R&D, and new products launches. Asia-Pacific is recognised as one of the most promising regional markets for beauty facial masks due to the growing customer spending on personal care products and enhancing awareness of regular skincare routine…

Makeup Remover Market

In the wake of the growing use of decorative cosmetics, increasing number of working women, rising spending on cosmetics along with continued launches of new beauty products, the world’s market for makeup removers is anticipated to demonstrate growth at a CAGR of over 7.86% during 2020-2027. As of 2019, the market value crossed USD 1.94 billion. The digital revolution is anticipated to boost the global cosmetics industry considerably, as e-commerce allows manufacturers to enter markets that are not currently available; this trend is also projected to contribute to the overall growth of the makeup removers market during the forecast period…

Night Creams Market

During 2020-2027, the global market for night creams is anticipated to demonstrate healthy growth at a 6.25% CAGR, propelled by the increasing demand, rising consumer awareness of damaged skin and aging, an upturn in online sales, growing incidence of skin-related problems along with the ongoing product innovation and new product launches. The highest growth in demand for night creams is expected to be registered in the APAC region through 2027, this is attributed majorly to the increasing cases of skin problems among the region’s population coupled with enhancing awareness of skincare and beauty products…

Lipstick Market

The world’s lipstick market is projected to exhibit growth at a 10% CAGR during 2020-2025 to come to the value of USD 16 billion by the end of the forecast period. Robust market growth is attributed to the increasing working women population and young population, rapid urbanization, and rising purchasing power of the consumers. Besides, the mounting demand from emerging markets and rising shift towards natural and organic lipsticks are poised to further propel the market growth in the next 5 years. Among the regional markets, Asia-Pacific is slated to dominate the global lipstick market during 2020-205 owing to the growing demand for cosmetics and increasing popularity of regional brands. North America is also expected to command a significant market share due to the rising popularity of lip colors among the youth and increasing availability of a wide product range…

Organic Personal Care Market 

The world’s organic personal care market registered robust growth during the past several years and crossed the value of USD 14.96 billion last year. Driven by the growing awareness about beauty and wellness, constantly expanding product range, favourable government legislation particularly in developing countries, and the increasing number of health-conscious customers, the global organic personal care market is slate to continue gaining momentum in the next 7 years, exhibiting a CAGR of nearly 9.8%. North America is projected to maintain the dominant position in the overall organic personal care market during 2020-2027…

A full collection of the Market Publishers’ research reports featuring various sectors of the personal care & cosmetics market can be found in this catalogue.

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