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China EV Battery Output to Grow Considerably, States ASKCI Consulting in Its Research Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

10 Jan 2018 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Lithium (Li-ion) batteries have captured the lion’s share of the overall EV battery market due to their characteristics such as high energy density and long lifetime. Li-ion iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and ternary Li-ion batteries are the 2 kinds of Li-ion batteries for EV.

From batteries to equipment, to fabrications facilities and cascade utilisation, full-fledged industrial chains have been set up in the country. Integration regions of the power battery market have been created in Beijing-Tianjin Region, the Central Plain Region, Pearl River Delta, and Yangtze River Delta. The investment in the entire industry surpasses the USD 15.3 billion mark and yearly output is over 6.1 billion.

With the driver of market and back-up of polices, EV battery output is projected to surge considerably to around 50GWh by end-2017. Nevertheless, the demand for EV batteries is poised to reach only 40GWh. Considering this, through to 2022 output of EV batteries is likely to prevent from blind rise. But with the rise of the power automobile sector, the key trend of EV batteries is set to increase, with the output breaking 110GWh.

Insightful research report “Market Research on EV Battery Industry in China 2017-2022” elaborated by ASKCI Consulting gives an insightful, all-round assessment of the market globally with a focus on China.

The study gives an overview of the development environment for the country’s EV battery industry, covering issues such as general situation, techniques, environment analysis and market analysis. It gives details about the supply and demand of EV battery industry in China. The report provides an all-round analysis of the leading companies operating in the domestic EV battery industry, such as Chongqing Wanli New Energy, Camel Group, Fengfan of CSIC, Dynavolt Renewable Energy Technology and Narada. The publication sheds light on the investment and strategy plans pertaining to the industry. Detailed forecasts of the growth trajectory of the national EV battery sector to 2022 are also available.

To find a complete list of research studies by ASKCI Consulting, visit its page at MarketPublishers.com.


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