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Athletic Footwear Industry Sees Increased Competition, States Textiles Intelligence in Its Report Published at MarketPublshers.com

11 Dec 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The degree of competition in the market for athletic footwear is extremely high, and there is increased pressure on the producers to introduce novel and innovative products to the market in a very short space of time. Additionally, there is a high degree of customer demand for tailor-made products, as young consumers specifically seek exclusive products. These pressures remain considerable challenges as the footwear industry relies heavily on production facilities in Asia, and also labour intensive fabrication methods. These challenges have induced a number of leading companies to invest heavily in automated production and in R&D operations, and these efforts have led to such innovations as knitted uppers — which can be manufactured as a single piece — and also shoe components fabricated with the use of extra manufacturing processes like 3D printing. Further, advancements have been made in the development of novel materials for the production of footwear, encompassing eco-friendly alternatives to leather, and fibres produced from recycled production residue.

Topical report “Athletic Footwear: Demand for Speed is Driving Innovation” elaborated by Textiles Intelligence provides an all-round analysis of the marketplace on a global level. It reviews innovations in the sphere, and developments in the production of athletic footwear. The study takes a keen look at the prominent players in the athletic footwear industry focusing on their financial performance. It gives an overview of endorsements, sponsorship and celebrity collaboration. The research publication provides in-depth insights into customization, gives information on the anatomy of a shoe, takes a look at specialist types of athletic footwear, describes the main characteristics of athletic footwear, reviews materials utilised in the fabrication of athletic footwear, and innovations in these materials, and pinpoints the advancements in the respective fabrication methods. The report also provides a detailed outlook for the market.

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