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Paraguay Telecom Market Analysed & Forecast by BuddeComm in Its New Topical Study Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

30 Nov 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – At present, Paraguay’s fixed-line voice services market (encompassing such segments as VoIP, telephony and international long distance telephony) is monopolised by the state-owned provider, Corporacion Paraguaya de Comunicaciones (Copaco). However, in the domestic mobile market this provider has met competition since 1998. Also, the Internet market in Paraguay is open to competition: today, there are more than a dozen ISPs offering services in the country. In early 2009, Copaco lost its monopoly over the international backbone for internet connectivity.

Lack of investments in Copaco’s infrastructure means that lift Paraguay’s teledensity is still very low for the region. This situation is unlikely to be addressed effectively until the operator is restructured.

Furthermore, the country’s landlocked position is another important challenges of the Paraguayan telecom industry, as Paraguay is dependent on neighbouring countries for interconnection with submarine cable networks. This fuels prices of broadband services, restraints growth of the country’s telecom industry and also results in relatively low penetration. Technologies available in the domestic market include WiMAX, cable modem, FttP and DSL; DSL is the top fixed broadband technology in Paraguay, but it is unavailable in many parts of the country given low teledensity.

Uptake in the number of mobile subscribers in Paraguay has been spurred by the poor condition of the major part of the country’s fixed-line infrastructure. Meantime, there is effective competition in the Paraguayan mobile market, four operators are active in the country: Tigo (the market leader), America Movil’s Claro, Telecom Argentina’s Personal (Nucleo) and Copaco’s Vox.

BuddeComm’s new topical study “Paraguay - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses” offers a clear picture of the current scenario in the Paraguayan telecom market with in-depth insights into the major market segments. It touches upon the historical development patterns of the national telecom industry and uncovers historical estimations, reviews the currently prevailing trends and also outlines future growth prospects. This study uncovers reliable statistics, characterises competitive environment in the domestic telecom market and gives data on the key players. Future forecasts through to 2020 are also at hand.

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