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Key Trends Driving Millennial Consumer Behaviour Discussed by MarketLine in Its Topical Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

23 Nov 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The millennial generation (generation Y) has been a much criticised one with respect to how the rest of society sees it. Still, the reality is very distinct from the seeming differences between it and the preceding generations. Millennials long for much of the same things in life; they haven’t changed radically from people in other age groups and still have the identical essential needs and life goals. Meantime, they do have specific circumstances that they have morphed into, like the proliferating use of technology that allow people to be web-connected at any moment, reduced disposable income levels and part-time employment as against preceding generations and better education on modes of life, health and ethics.

A host of these factors have resulted in all types of extraordinary trends in the business universe as firms adjust and attempt to maneuver to cater for any decrease in sales to young guys.

Once in a while, though, many of the observed novel products and changes are solving today’s problem that millennials have, rather than being something that millennials virtually long for. Basically, millennials strive for the same things in life and in many situations minor tweaks to brands and products can prevent this generation leaving firms behind.

Topical research study “Millennial Consumers - Understanding key trends driving consumer behaviours” drawn up by MarketLine provides an all-round, unprejudiced examination of the marketplace worldwide.

The study sheds light on the major drivers lying behind millennial consumers’ behaviour and how firms are learning to make their products suitable for their needs. It provides information on which types of businesses and industries are doing specifically splendidly with millennials and which are not. The report takes a look at how millennial customer behaviour is changing our web spaces and highstreets.

For many other topical research reports by this publisher follow MarketLine online catalogue at MarketPublishers.com.


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