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Demand for Counter-Stealth Technologies Gains Momentum, Says SDI in Its New Topical Study Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

12 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Proliferation of radar technologies has encouraged the development of countering low observable or stealth capable military vehicles. In the wake of a great number of geo-political conflicts across the globe, most countries are seeking rapid increase of their military capabilities, therefore, the demand for stealth and counter-stealth technologies also gains momentum, as these systems can provide improved detection and identification of various threats.

In the years ahead, investments in the development of counter-stealth capabilities are predicted to continue increasing, especially in China, the US and Russia, thus, driving robust uptake in the global counter-stealth technologies market.

Furthermore, demand for counter stealth systems is gradually improving amid different emerging countries, which offer enormous untapped growth opportunities for the technologically equipped countries for developing synergies as well as rising military trade in future.

New topical publication “Counter-Stealth Technologies - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments” worked out by Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI) gives a comprehensive analysis of the world’s counter-stealth technologies market, sheds light on the major technological trends and recent developments, examines the key forces influencing the demand and overall market growth, describes the current scenario across different regions. Moreover, this research study offers an insightful overview of the top 3 spenders in this sector with vital info on the recently developed technologies by/in these countries. This report covers the current technical standards and also points out new developments that are likely to shape the counter-stealth technologies sector in the future. It characterises the competitive environment, offers data on the key players in this field, discusses the emerging growth challenges and opportunities, as well as presents a review of five spenders that are expected to invest in this sector heavily in the coming years, etc.

A full collection of the topical research reports elaborated by this publisher is at hand in the SDI online catalogue at MarketPublishers.com.


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