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India Solar PV Installed Capacity to Grow at Over 35% CAGR to 2022, States Bonafide in Its New Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

29 Sep 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – India’s solar photovoltaic (PV) sector has observed tremendous growth by value and volume. The governance of the market is sustained by prominent local and global project developers with partial government intervention. With the growing attention of the government on the development of renewable power sector, the national solar PV market has already taken the flight to reach the target of over 70 GW solar power generation capacities by end-2022.

The market by installed capacity of solar PV went beyond 12 GW in April 2017. This is set to record a CAGR of over 35% by end-2022. Key solar installations are being dominated by the southern region of the country; however, it is expected that, with the continuous developments and projects in pipeline while approaching 2022, the country’s northern region is set to outpace the southern region grabbing the maximum share of installed solar power capacity.

Standard and cutting-edge multicrystalline module technology captures the largest share with expanding scope and research on monocrystalline p-type and n-type silicon modules. With the greater cell efficiency of these sophisticated PV modules, PV plants’ capacity utilisation factor (CUF) has also mounted.

Companies such as Waaree Energies, Vikram Solar, and Tata Power Solar account together for the major share of solar PV capacity installed, and will likely increase in the offing due to their expansion plans and enlargement of dealership networks.

Discounted research report “India Solar PV Market Outlook, 2022” drawn up by Bonafide Research & Marketing assesses and forecasts the market on a country level.

The study provides insights into, and an outlook for the global renewable energy market, covering investments in renewable energy sector, market size by cumulative capacity, and market shares (by region, country and type). The report offers an evaluation of, and outlook for the world solar PV market, providing an analysis of investments in the sector, market size by cumulative capacity and by new installed capacity, and market share data by company (shipment), region/country, and by technology. It sheds light on the Indian energy market analysis, focusing on the domestic renewable energy sector and giving insights into investments, market size by cumulative capacity and new installed capacity, as well as market shares by region, state and type. The report examines the country’s solar PV market, limelighting the market size by cumulative capacity and new installed capacity, market shares by company, region, state, and end-user; pricing by net metering; and tariffs by state. The publication gives a snapshot of the Indian economy, discusses the government policy and regulations for solar energy, covers the trade dynamics of solar cells/modules, includes PEST analysis, identifies key market trends & developments. The competitive scene is also addressed, and companies are profiled in the report.

More discounted and new reports elaborated by the publisher can be found at Bonafide Research & Marketing page.


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