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Graphene Extends Its Application Areas Globally, according to New Kuick Research Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

25 Sep 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Among nanomaterials, graphene by far holds much promise due to its unique amalgamation of excellent properties, which gives the green light to its use in a broad spectrum of applications, like electronics, sensors, optics, and bio-devices.

Today, the industrial applications of graphene are microscopic as against to its potential in different fields. The main concerns for the introduction of graphene into economic turnover are high costs and small-scale manufacturing. This scenario is anticipated to change over the coming 5 years or even less on the back of continuous scientific researches on graphene that will keep on reducing the costs and extending the scope of applications. Furthermore, increasing discussions about graphene in different media are also expected to contribute to the creation of more awareness on this material and consequently will gear up the process of technological adaptation of graphene in industrial applications. Hence, it is set to result in the expansion of the graphene market to a great degree.

Graphene finds the majority of applications in the electronics and energy storage areas that are both showing rapid growth. Electronics already captures the lion’s share in the graphene market by applications due to the superb properties of graphene like electrical and heat conductivity, optical clarity, high mechanical resistance, etc.

Electronics is projected to keep on leading the world graphene market by applications to 2023 or even beyond for some period of time. Meantime, the energy sector demonstrates considerable increase in market share alongside other sectors. The fast-paced growth in the demand for PV cells is set to be the driver behind this. Other sectors such as biomedical, water reclamation, pollution mitigation, etc. are also poised to see considerable growth owing to the surging number of researches conducted in these fields.

New report “Global Graphene Market Opportunity, Projects, Application & Patent Insight 2023” drawn up by Kuick Research covers the market for grapheme on a global scale.

The study offers detailed introduction to the material; examines various graphene applications by sector (biomedical, electronics, optoelectronics energy, composites materials & others). It gives an all-round analysis of the current scenario of the world graphene market, and offers detailed market segmentation based on products, applications, and by region. The report contains an all-encompassing global graphene patent database by sector and/or application; gives an overview of the respective commercial projects worldwide by sector/application.  A detailed review of the market drivers and challenges is included, too.

The research report explores the competitive scene and discusses the top 15 players. Additionally, it includes the overall graphene market future outlook with respect to products, application areas and regions.

More new comprehensive market reports by Kuick Research are offered at this page.


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