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World PDT Market to See Steady Growth, States Kuick Research in Its New Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

19 Sep 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The photodynamic therapy (PDT) market is presently segmented into 4 divisions of acne, cancer, arteriosclerotic vascular disease and psoriasis, with acne and cancer leading today with majority of R&D being focused in these aspects of the PDT owing to their high demand. In the recent past, PDT for different cancer types like breast cancer, lung cancer and head and neck cancer has been getting more attention owing to its innovative and noninvasive feature which is currently in great demand from pole to pole, that has further resulted in sustainable growth of the PDT market.

To date, PDT is broadly being used in the developed nations such as the UK, the USA and Russia. Unlike several years ago, when PDT had just come into the market, it is presently found to be far more prevalent suggesting the stable growth of the PDT marketplace. A range of major hospitals in the USA provide cancer treatment alternative utilising PDT, specifically for the skin cancer-related disease and lesion. This trend is poised to grow steadily with the rising awareness amid both the general population and healthcare professionals. 

The progress in the PDT segment also suggests that one day it could help to treat larger and deep tumours, which is not possible today owing to the low level of light penetration. PDT deserves more attention and should be promoted and encouraged as part of a multimodal approach or a standalone treatment for early disease, palliative care or as a salvage treatment.

New topical report “Global Cancer Photodynamic Therapy Market & Cancer Photosensitisers Clinical Trial Outlook 2023” elaborated by Kuick Research covers the cancer PDT market, covering its background, current performance as well as forecasts. The study offers information on PDT as a breakthrough in today’s cancer therapy; reviews the working mechanism of the PDT in cancer treatment, its components and their role; gives a look at photosensitiser delivery; examines the anti-tumour activity of the PDT. It sheds light on the present-day status of different cancer treatments using PDT; takes a look at photodynamic combinational cancer therapy. The report pinpoints latest and most promising advancements in the PDT segment. The research examines the current market scenario of the PDT and its cognisance in the oncology segment; analyses the key market drivers and challenges to the growth. It gives insights into the global cancer photosensitisers clinical pipeline by company and phase, and reviews the marketed cancer photosensitisers. Furthermore, the study profiles the top 12 players in the market and canvasses the competitive scenario.

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