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Global Carbon Nanotubes Market to See Robust Demand Growth, Says Kuick Research in Its New Report Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

07 Sep 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – During the past several years, there has been significant growth in the research, development and technological understanding of carbon nanotubes to enable them for different industrial applications. Various companies continue to probe and exploit numerous commercial opportunities provided by these new materials, thus, the list of carbon nanotubes applications is constantly increasing, and this trend is set to maintain in the years ahead.

To satisfy the escalating demand across different sectors, the world’s carbon nanotubes production capacity has grown remarkably, as more companies have started to manufacture carbon nanotubes. Over 2011-2016, the total production capacity of carbon nanotubes across the world increased twice. In 2016, the global carbon nanotubes production capacity reached 20,000 tons.

However, today the carbon nanotubes production is much below the capacity given low demand, as the world’s carbon nanotubes market is still at the nascent stage.

Applications of carbon nanotubes vary from region to region. In APAC, carbon nanotubes enjoy the highest demand in the electronic and automobile sectors. in other regions, the key end-use sectors of carbon nanotubes include polymer and chemical industries. Although at the beginning North America and Europe were the leaders in the global carbon nanotubes market, the economic slowdown in these regions has a negative influence on the growth of these regional markets.

Nevertheless, the future of the global carbon nanotubes market is promising due to excellent physical properties and constantly increasing number of industrial applications of these materials. The global demand for carbon nanotubes is predicted to demonstrate robust annual growth at a rate of appr. 20% in the foreseeable future.

New research publication “Global Carbon Nanotubes Market & Patent Insight 2023” prepared by Kuick Research includes a profound analysis of the current situation in the world’s carbon nanotubes market, gives insights into the historical background and also looks at the possible future prospects up till 2023. The report uncovers reliable information on the carbon nanotubes production, capacity and demand; highlights the key application spheres, provides details on patents, reviews the recent and ongoing projects and includes a detailed market segmentation analysis by applications and regions. Besides, this study touches upon the market dynamics, analyses the key growth driving and hindering forces, and evaluates the market’s attractiveness and growth potential. This report is a great source of data on the market competitive environment and top players. Future forecasts for the carbon nanotubes market development through 2023 are also available here.

Other insightful research reports by Kuick Research are presented at its page at MarketPublishers.com.


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