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World Quantum Computing Market to Reach USD 10.7 Bn by 2024, States HSRC in Its Topical Research Report Published at MarketPublihers.com

12 Jun 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Developments in quantum computer design, fault tolerant algorithms and novel fabrication technologies are currently revolutionising this breakthrough technology into a feasible programme set to outdo conventional computation in several applications. Realising quantum computing capability necessitates that hardware efforts be reinforced by quantum software development to attain optimised quantum algorithms capable of solving application problems in question.

Owing to economic interest and a decline of Moore’s Law of computational scaling, 18 of the world’s largest corporations and dozens of government bodies are being at work upon quantum computing or partnering with start-ups like D-Wave Systems, Inc. The key competitors in this race comprise Intel, IBM, Google and Microsoft.

Smaller quantum computers are expected to make other contributions to the industry, defense and national security intelligence marketplaces, and also other markets ranging from drug design to finance.

Even simple quantum computers are expected to tackle problems that choke traditional machines, like optimising trading strategies or pulling high-potential drug candidates from research literature.

Worldwide, the quantum computing market is forecast to reach USD 10.7 billion by 2024, with USD 8.45 billion stemming from product sales and services and USD 2.25 billion from publicly funded RDT&E programmes. 

Topical research report “Quantum Computing Technologies & Global Market – 2017-2024” elaborated by Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC) offers a comprehensive review of the world quantum computing (QC) market.

The study provides market segmentation by product, vertical, and region-wise. It provides market size estimates and forecasts and sheds light on the trends from 2017-2024. The report provides shrewd insights into the lucrative business opportunities that the key submarkets offer. The research discusses the factors that drive the customers to buy quantum computing services and solutions; analyses the QC applications and services trends; provides a detailed SWOT analysis of the marketplace; examines the challenges to the QC market penetration and growth. The publication canvasses the competitive scenario and includes an all-round analysis of the industry players. The report also provides information on how and where to invest in the worldwide QC industry.

More topical market research reports by HSRC can be found at its page.


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